Rolling Heart Vibration

Rolling Heart Vibration

Rolling heart Vibration (anime)

Rolling Heart VibrationAnimated



Japanese: ローリング·ハート·バイブレーション
Romanji: Rouringu Haato Baibureashon
Type: Love/light-based
Upgraded Attack: Venus Love and Beauty Shock (manga and crystal
User(s): Sailor Venus
First Appearance
Manga: Act 12 Enemy - Queen Metalia -
Live Action: Act 46 - Sailor Venus Awakened her Guardian Powers (live-action series)
Crystal: Act 18 Invasion - Sailor Venus

"Rolling Heart Vibration" is a light/heart-based attack used by Sailor Venus in the manga, live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, and a few video games.


In the manga, Sailor Venus cries out to her home planet, Venus, and then gains the ability to perform the Rolling Heart Vibration attack. A dark-colored heart appears in her hand and she directs it straight to the opponent, with the heart forming vibration-like patterns as it moves forward. She only uses it once to defend Sailor Moon against Tuxedo Mask while he was under the control of the Dark Kingdom.


Rolling Heart Vibration was only used once by Sailor Venus in the live-action series; in Act 46, after finally awakening her Senshi powers, she used it against a powerful youma possessed by Queen Metalia. While using this attack, she formed a heart shape with her fingers and thumbs, moved her hands in a circle, raised her hands in a V-shape above her head, and sent forth multicolored hearts at her target.


This attack was first used in Act 18 against Calaveras. Sailor Venus raises her hand and a golden heart appears on her palm. She brings down her hand and forces the heart to spin rapidly. She then cries out " Rolling Heart Vibration! " and sends the heart straight at the enemy. This attack was dodged by Calaveras.

Video Games

Sailor Venus also uses this attack in the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S.



  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock, when used in the first anime, appeared similar to Rolling Heart Vibration.
  • In Sailor Moon Crystal this attack was only used once and, ironically, was a miss.
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