Japanese: レジン
Romanji: Rejin


Species: Genius loci
Death: Sailor Chibi Moon's Pink Sugar Heart Attack
First Appearance
Manga: Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 3 - Beware of Cavities

Resin is a genius loci who appeared in the manga side story Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 3 - Beware of Cavities.


Resin, while not in disguise, appears nude with clear, empty eyes and long curly hair. While in disguise, she wears a nurse uniform and has more human eyes.


Resin lived near a dentist's office and lived off the cavities of the patients of the dentist, after deciding there weren't enough people coming she decided to lure in more. Doing this she managed to lure in Chibiusa who only managed to escape from the dentist with Diana's help and transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon. Resin then attacked and made her cavity hurt, which made Sailor Chibi Moon cried which activated her Supersonic Waves. While distracted Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus arrived and assisted Sailor Chibi Moon with the battle before she destroyed Resin with Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

Powers and Abilities

Resin uses a giant syringe to attempt to inject her foe with cavity ghosts. She also uses a drill to perform an air turbine drill attack causing Chibiusa pain when she has cavities.

Resin is weak to ultrasonic waves caused by Chibiusa and is even weaker to sugar as seen when Sailor Chibi Moon kills her with Pink Sugar Heart Attack.



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