Renji is the final Daimon to appear in the anime, and she collected Pure Heart Crystals from humans. She attacks by stretching her arms and emits a heat beam from her chest. She appeared in the final episode of Sailor Moon S.

Nomenclature and Etymology

The name was is a pun for "Renji" (レンジ), i.e. microwave oven, in which her Daimon Egg was hatched.



After the defeat of Pharaoh 90, only 1 Daimon pod had remained. The Daimon inside it crawled into the Heart Snatcher oven, combining with it into Renji who extracted Pure Heart Crystals and fought the Sailor Guardians. She was winning until Chibiusa had returned from the future and attacked her. After Tuxedo Mask attacked Renji, Sailor Moon destroyed her with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. This left only the Heart Snatcher oven which had fallen and exploded.



  • It is possible that Renji is a cormorant Daimon. As she picked up Sailor Moon and asked for her Pure Heart, she seemed to bring her closer to her as if she was about to swallow her Heart Crystal.
  • She is the only Daimon in the final episodes not to be destroyed by Rainbow Moon Heartache
  • She is the only monster of the day who's species belonged to a certain villain group (i.e. the Death Busters), that was dismantled before her creation.
  • She is the only Daimon that does not have a master.

Death Busters
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