Reika Nishimura
Japanese: 西村レイカ
Romanji: Nishimura Reika
Aliases: Rita Blake (DiC English dub)
Residency: Tokyo
School(s): Azabu Technical College.



Motoki Furuhata



Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Horses
First Appearance
Anime: Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship
Anime Voiced By: Rica Fukami (Japanese)
Wendy Lyon (DiC English dub, Episode 25)
Daniela Olivieri (DiC English dub, episode 122)
Katherine Trowell (CWi English dub)
Erica Mendez (Viz Media English dub)

Reika Nishimura is Motoki Furuhata's girlfriend. She is a student at Azabu Technical College.


Reika is a tall young woman with long, wavy brown hair that went past her shoulders, and green eyes. In some scenes, she is shown to wear pink lipstick.


Sailor Moon

In the first season of the anime, she is shown to be a reincarnation of one of the Seven Great Youma, Rikoukeidar, and the carrier of the Blue Rainbow Crystal. As she is studying abroad in Africa, she and Motoki maintain a long-distance relationship.

Reika makes a slight cameo in episode 41, where she was captured by a brainwashed Prince Endymion while working in Africa. She is later set free after he is defeated by Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon SuperS

In the SuperS season, Reika reappears for the third and final time, now taking up horseback riding and finished her studies in Africa, Reika receives a scholarship to study again in England (for about 10 years) and it makes Motoki miserable. After Reika's dream is saved by the Senshi, Reika still goes abroad but reconciles with Motoki.


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