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"Usagi, stand up! We'll always be together. Now, run!"
— Rei Hino, quote from episode 45

Rei Hino is the anime version of the character Rei Hino who appears in the Sailor Moon anime. She is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Mars.


Rei's personality in the anime was much more different than her original personality.

In the anime, Rei is a fiery, boy-crazed miko with ambitions to become a singer, songwriter, model, voice actress and eventually settling down into marriage. Her relationship with Usagi was turbelent, and the two often aruged with each other. Rei even admitted at one point she felt like Usagi wasn't a fit leader. Regardless, she is extermely loyal to her. Rei attends a separate school from the other girls, a private Catholic school run by nuns. She works at Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather who was the head priest. Rei's mother died during her childhood and her father is a politician who cares more about his job than raising her, but nothing has been mentioned much about her family.


Rei retains the same appearance she has in the manga: straight black hair with a purple shine and black/purple eyes. She stands at about 160 cm or 5 feet 3 inches. She is often seen wearing her red and white miko robes; red, white, and/or black clothing, or her school uniform.


Sailor Moon

Rei Hino first appears in episode 10, scolding her grandfather for annoying the girl visitors of the shrine, and Usagi and her friends note of how pretty she is. Due to Jadeite's evil prescene in the shrine, Rei uses Akuryo Taisan order to drive it away, only to accidentally place the ward on Usagi, causing her to faint and fall over. Rei apologizes for her actions, and admits that her predictions have been inaccurate recently. An angry woman accuses Rei that it's her fault that many people are disappearing, causing Rei to show her temper (which gets worse after this episode).

The next day, after witnessing it, Usagi tells Rei that another bus has disappeared, which again, causes Rei to get angry and repeats that she has nothing to do with it. As Usagi and Luna leave, Rei discovers a pen on the ground, and realizes that Jadeite is suspicious. Consulting the fire, it tells her that Jadeite is the one behind the disappearances, but before she is able to do anything, Jadeite transports her to the other world and is captured by the Youma Kigaan.

When struggling to get free, the symbol of Mars appears on her forehead. Usagi (now as Sailor Moon) attacks the youma and frees Rei. Rei transforms into Sailor Mars, and destroys the youma with Fire Soul. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Luna are able to save the kidnapped people with the help of Tuxedo Mask.

Throughout the first season, Rei and Usagi constantly fight and bicker over everything. Rei calls her a crybaby and weak, claiming that she is not fit to be the leader of the Sailor Senshi, and that she should be the leader instead. Despite this, Rei and Usagi have respect for each other, as well as a friendship, and Usagi even entrusted Rei with the Moon Stick when she was trying to inflitrate the Dark Kingdom.

In episode 45, Rei dies during her fight with two of the DD Girls. Later, she appears in front of Usagi as a spirit/illusion with the other Inner Senshi, encouraging Usagi to keep fighting and not stop, and that they will always be with her. She combines her powers with the others when Princess Serenity uses the Silver Crystal against Super Beryl. After Usagi dies, Rei, along with everyone else, is reincarnated, but has no memory of her past on the Silver Millenium, being a Sailor Senshi, or her friendship with the others.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars


Rei: Rei's first or given name is written in katakana, so it is hard to determine its exact meaning. These meanings include "spirit", "companion", "cool", "zero", and "beauty".

Hino: The kanji for Hi translates to "fire", while the kanji for no translates to "field" or "civilian". The syllable no also indicates possession, so while the literal translation of her family name could be "fire field" or "fire civilian", others may translate it as "of the fire".


  • In the English dub, Rei's name was changed to Raye Hino.
  • Rei's membership number in the Three Lights Fan Club was 2906.
  • In the anime, Rei had four image songs: Eien no Melody, Honoo no Sogekisha, Watashi no Hito Gingahen, and Sei Hi Ai ~Fire Soul Love~. She also shared an image song with Ami Mizuno called Hottokenai Yo.
  • Hitoshi Doi states that Kunihiko Ikuhara was responsible for much of Rei's changed personality in the anime.
  • Both of Rei's relatives who appeared in the anime (her grandfather and her cousin who appeared in Stars) ended up being turned into a monster-of-the-day.
  • Rei's Pure Heart was removed by Mikuji, a Daimon sent out under the command of Kaolinite.
  • In the beginning of the Sailor Stars arc, Rei/Sailor Mars and Michiru/Sailor Neptune are paired up in Nehellenia's world of nightmares. After Sailor Neptune manages to easily see through Nehellenia's illusion (a flame consuming both their fukus), Rei begins to question her own intuition.
    • Despite this, Sailor Neptune actually says that she does believe the fact that she has more experience than Sailor Mars plays a part in that. Moreover, after Sailor Mars manages to save Sailor Neptune, the aforementioned actually acknowledges her sense of intuition.



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