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Rei Hino (火野 レイ, Hino Rei) is the civilian identity and the present-day incarnation of Sailor Mars (セーラーマーズ, Seeraa Maazu).

Nomenclature & Etymology


Rei: Her given name is in katakana, rei(レイ) and therefore offers no translation or meaning.

In the Chinese versions of the series (anime and manga), Rei's name is written with the character "麗", which carries the same phonetic as "Rei", but means "beauty" and/or "lovely"

Hino: The kanji of Rei's surname translates hi(火) "fire" and no (野) meaning "field" or "civilian."

The entire name is structured as a pun, as the syllable "no" indicates a possessive so that her name can also be understood as "Fire of Rei."


Naoko Takeuchi included many occultist arts to finely detail each character. For Usagi, these things include:

  • Birthstone(s): Diamond -  A symbol of clarity and strength and believed to be a boon for longevity, strength, beauty, and happiness.
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries - Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate; Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive.



Sailor Guardian

In the musicals, Sailor Mars's uniform was significantly different. Her elbow fittings, bows, and sleeves were purple, and her skirt, collar, and choker were red. Later in another version of the uniform, her sleeves became red. The center of her front bow was a star and was golden, and it had a red gem in the middle. Unlike the red star earrings that Sailor Mars had in the other versions of Sailor Moon, they were gold instead. She also had a golden star on her choker (when she is not supposed to have one until the "Super" upgrade). All of the trim on her uniform was gold. This outfit never appeared after Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi (Kaiteiban).

  • The second version was more similar to her Super version of her costume in the manga and anime. Her front bow was lavender, her collar, glove fittings, and choker were red, and her back bow was red. Her skirt had two layers, the top one being red and the bottom one violet. Her choker ornament was a golden star with a red circle and the Mars symbol in the center. The brooch on her front bow was a heart-shaped red gem ringed in gold. Her earrings were five-pointed stars. Her shoes were slightly different from the anime and manga, as they each had a strap across the instep.


Sailor Guardian Info




  • In the musicals, Sailor Mars had one image song, "Honoo no Messenger"


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