"I am the pretty Guardian who fights for Love and for Passion! I am Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"
— Sailor Mars' stock introduction

Rei Hino is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Mars. She is a fourteen-year-old girl who is quiet, calm, and nice. She works as a shrine maiden at the Hikawa Shrine and goes to school at the T·A Academy for Girls.



Rei has long black hair that has a slight purple tint, purple eyes, and red earrings. She is often seen wearing her red and white shrine priestess robes, as well as her school uniform.

Sailor Senshi

Sailor Mars has long hip-length black hair and wears a sailor uniform with a red skirt and high heels. She has a dark red ribbon above the back of her skirt, and a dark purple ribbon on her chest. Just like the other Sailor Senshi, she wears a tiara on her forehead, with a stone of her signature color (dark red in Sailor Mars' case) in the center of it.

After the "Super" upgrade. her collar remained at one white stripe, the bottom of the shoulder pads was translucent, the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened, her choker had a yellow star attached to it and her earrings were now six-pointed stars.


At first, Rei appears to be cold and distant from everyone, as everyone believes she is responsible for the missing people. She gradually warms up to Usagi and Ami after they defend her.


Rei lives at Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather and works as a Miko, befriending two crows named Phobos and Deimos.

Rei would develop psychic powers that she would cultivate by diving through the Sacred Fire at the shrine. However, her abilities would cause people to view her as strange and avoid her.

Season One: Dark Kingdom arc

Rei first appears in a cameo at Hikawa Shrine mediating in front her sacred fire, in Act 2.

In Act 3, she is seen meditating over a fire and predicting that something very strange was about to occur. After her basic transformation into the Guardian of Fire, she attacks Jadeite with Akuryo Taisan and easily overpowers him and his snowy attacks. In the following episode, she and the other two Sailor Soldiers encounter the Shitennou for the first time at a Masquerade Ball.

She later befriends Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, who are the last two members of the quintet. To learn more about her past life as one of the four protectors of Princess Serenity, she teleports to the Moon, where she and the others come in to contact the mystical sword and the remnants of their former homeland. When Sailor Venus grabs hold of the sword, a hologram of a silver-haired woman appears, who introduces her as Queen Serenity and mother of Sailor Moon in her previous life as Princess of the Moon. Sailor Mars suddenly recalls her time during the Silver Millennium; battling to defend the people of the Moon with all she had.

Season Two: Black Moon arc

After defeating Queen Metalia, Sailor Mars became much stronger and more powerful after receiving her dark red-colored Star Power Stick, which greatly strengthened her pyrokinetic abilities and gave her even greater fire/flame-based attacks. Her latest fire/flame-related attack that comes with her second evolved Sailor form is Burning Mandala. Unfortunately, she was easily overpowered and captured by Rubeus of the Black Moon Clan and taken to planet Nemesis.

She is later released and uses her pyrokinetic powers to attack Prince Demande and Saphir. She is then aided by the spirit of Neo Queen Serenity (who has taken over Sailor Moon's mind) and returns to where Sailor Venus, Luna, Artemis, and Sailor Pluto are waiting. She later confronts Death Phantom himself and uses Burning Mandala in conjunction with the other Sailor Senshi's elemental attacks. Her fire/flame abilities were amplified greatly; due to Neo Queen Serenity bestowing planet power onto her.

Season Three: Infinity arc

After transforming using "Mars Planet Power, Make Up," Sailor Mars faces off against a new monster that has absorbed a girl from Mugen Academy inside it. Initially, she tried to exorcise it but the Daimon was unaffected by it. Her attack, along with the other Senshi's attacks were able to destroy the Daimon and save the girl. While investigating Mugen Academy with Ami, Makoto an,d Minako, she and the others had to fight another Daimon attacking Usagi, Chibiusa, and a mysterious girl. On her fifteenth birthday, Sailor Mars, alongside Sailor Jupiter, had to fight the Witches 5 member, Eudial. She uses Mars Snake Fire for the first time, and it seems to hurt Eudial, but the Witch was able to recover quickly from it and used more powerful fire attacks on them. The two Senshi are rescued by Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Moon, and Eudial is destroyed.

Skills and Abilities

Rei is one of few Sailor Moon characters who is able to use special powers in her civilian form. These are mainly the result of her role as a shrine maiden, which gives her heightened spirituality as well as certain resources. In addition to some psychic talent, including occasional unprompted premonitions, Rei is able to do fire readings and to dispel evil spirits. She does the latter by performing Kuji-Goshin-Ho, a ritual which consists of chanting nine words of power (Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!) while making relevant hand signs. She then shouts "Evil spirit, be exorcised!" (悪霊退散, Akuryō Taisan!), and throws one or multiple ofuda scrolls. She commonly uses this attack while in her Sailor Mars form as well as when she is in her civilian form.

Rei must transform into a Sailor Soldier, however, before she can access her celestial powers. She makes this change by raising a special device (pen, bracelet, wand, or crystal) into the air and shouting a special phrase, originally "Mars Power, Make-up!" As she becomes more powerful and obtains new transformation devices, this phrase changes to evoke Mars Star, Planet, or Crystal Power.

Sailor Mars has the power to create and control fire. Her named powers are somewhat inconsistent across the various series—in the first arc of the manga, she says "Evil spirits, begone!" the same phrase she uses as a civilian while using an ofuda, for her fire attacks.

Precognition: Rei is shown to have strong precognition, where she can make full use of this ability to predict events from a near future, as shown in Act 3 when she predicted Jadeite's ambush; in the Act 13, when she saw a Black Moon mark while meditating, and in the Act 27 Infinity 1, where she foresaw a catastrophe. As mentioned above, Rei can make full use of this ability, but it can fail sometimes, as shown in Act 3, where, instead of Usagi being captured and held captive by Jadeite, it was herself.

Pyromancy: She is also shown to have a great affinity with fire, to the point where she is capable to manifest her future sights by forming images on the flames. The images are very enigmatic and unreliable.

Purification: Even when she is in her civilian form, she can use her "ofuda" (a Shinto talisman used to protect homes from evil spirits) to "exorcize" people, while yelling "Evil Spirit, Disperse!" (although it can cause normal people to faint, as shown in Act 3 when she tried to "purify" Usagi).

Sixth Sense: Rei is sometimes shown to have a "sixth sense", using it to detect "evil presences" and approaching danger, as shown in Chapter 6 of Codename: Sailor V manga, but it can fail sometimes when she mistook Usagi for an evil spirit.

Sailor Senshi Info



  • Transformation Pen
  • Star Power Stick



Rei Hino

Sailor Mars


  • Her name is a homonym for the phrase "Spirit of Fire" which is a reference to the element she creates, controls and manipulates.
  • She keeps two pet ravens, Phobos and Deimos.
  • She seems calmer and more mysterious in this version; similar to Setsuna, and Hotaru.
  • In her Shrine priestess outfit, she bears a slight resemblance to both Kikyo or Kagome from Inuyasha in their manga-based characters.
  • Sailor Mars and Tales of Berseria's main protagonist Velvet Crowe shares the same voice actresses: Rina Satou in Japanese and Cristina Vee in English.
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