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Rei Hino is the civilian identity of Sailor Mars. This is the second animated depiction of the original manga character.


Rei is a fourteen year old girl who is quiet, calm, and nice. She works as a shrine maiden at the Hikawa Shrine and goes to school at the T·A Academy for Girls.


Rei has long black hair that has a slight purple tint, purple eyes, and red earrings. She is often seen wearing her red and white miko robes, as well as her school uniform.


At first, Rei appears to be cold and distant from everyone, as everyone believes she is responsible for the missing people. She gradually warms up to Usagi and Ami after they defend her.


Rei first appears in a cameo at Hikawa Shrine mediating in front her sacred fire, in Act 2.

In Act 3, she is seen meditating over fire and predicting that something very strange was about to occur.

Powers and Abilities

Rei possesses unusually strong spiritual powers as a priestess/miko. She can detect supernatural activity, extract and purify evil forces from others, and see vivid visions of the future and incoming threats and dangers. She also possesses the physic ability of pyromancy; the ability to see the past or future via flames and fire. Also she frequently has vivid prophetic dreams of future events while sleeping.

Her innate spiritual energies and powers are far much stronger when she is transformed into Sailor Mars.


  • Her name is a homonym for the phrase "Spirit of Fire" which is a reference to the element she creates, controls and manipulates.
  • She keeps two pet ravens, Phobos and Deimos.
  • She seems calmer and more mysterious in this version; similar to Setsuna, and Hotaru.
  • In her miko outfit, she bears a slight resemblance to both Kikyo or Kagome from Inuyasha in their manga-based characters.


Rei Crystal Design
Official Profile for Rei
The Girls After School - Crystal - Yukie Sako
The Inner Senshi in their civilian forms. Picture by Yukie Sako.

Rei in the opening sequence
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Rei's cameo at the end of act 2
Happy Rei
Sad Rei
Rei saddened after somebody called her weird.
Rei talking to Usagi
Rei talking to Usagi.
Rei after having a vision of the Moon Castle.
Sailor moon crystal 04 rei blushing
Rei at Luna's secret base
Rei Touchup
Rei Arc 2

Inner Senshi - Anime CUTiE
Character designs of the Inner Sailor Senshi. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars is in the top right corner

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