Rei Hino (spelled as Raye Hino in the English adaptations) is one of the original five sailor soldiers and, in the anime, the 2nd in command of the Princess's four guardians. She has two pet crows named Phobos and Deimos who, in the manga, are her guardians. Despite being Shinto, she attends a Catholic high school. She is portrayed as being very popular and well liked in school, despite her temper.

In the manga

In the manga, Rei is a somewhat snotty but sophisticated Shinto priestess. She is hesitant at first to accept her role as a sailor soldier but fights loyally alongside the soldiers to protect her princess and Earth. In the manga, she is close to Minako Aino moreso than in the anime.

In the anime

In the anime, Rei is more hot-tempered and less icy. She fights with Usagi Tsukino a lot because she worries for her safety and that of the planet they are sworn to protect. Despite their fights, they are extremely close friends who love each other dearly. She lives with her goofy priest of a grandpa at Hikwana Temple. She is not only hotheaded but is skilled in the art of fire reading, and has prophetic dreams.

Forms and powers

Rei Hino

Rei goes to TA Private School. It is an exclusive school for girls so she wears a different uniform than the other senshi. She studies with the other Inner Senshi at her house.

But aside from studying and being a sailor senshi, she still fulfills her duties as a Shinto priestess and takes her responsibilities seriously. Especially because her grandfather who she calls, ojii-chan owns Hikawa Jinja. Her grandfather takes care of her and she also lives with him in Hikawa Jinja. In this form, she can use ofudas to banish evil spirits. She can still banish evil spirits in all her forms.

Rei's parents are not shown in the anime, but the manga provides an interesting note. Rei's father is a powerful and high ranking government official and too busy to meet with her. Rei dislikes for her father because of this. And Rei's mother is also shown in the manga. A very pretty person who died when she was young.

Rei is really rich considering the high standing of her father and her grandfather maintains a Shrine.

Rei is treated as a queen in TA. Her schoolmates respect and admire her very much. She is very popular and is very busy heading many activities for her school and at one time, she even headed a festival. In the anime, Rei writes her own songs. She even sang her own song in front of many people.

Rei Dream

What about the future? Rei dreams to be a singer, songwriter, model, seiyuu (voice actress), and wife. Truly, Rei is already a lot of things and she even wants to succeed some more in the future! And she also wants to be a stewardess (as shown) She even confided this to Usagi.

But in the manga, Rei wants to be the head priestess. She dreams to practice her talent in meditation and fortune telling. As among the usual stats, Rei's birthday is on April 17. A fiery and headstrong Aries ruled by the planet Mars. Her blood type is AB, which is usually asociated with stubborn people. Rei's personality is different in the manga. Rei is more serious and she does not trust men. Except that, she easily captivates those who see her and has many admirers. Her fiery attitude still remains.

Sailor Mars

In this form she can perform many attacks including Burning Mandala. Her collar is red, as is her choker and she has a red-stoned tiara and a red brooch. Her bows are purple and her shoes are black high heels and Super Sailor Mars were added in 4 on 4 as wikipedia:Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.


Mars Power! (Make Up!): Using her 1st transformation pen, Raye transformed into the 1st version of Sailor Mars. Used from Sailor Moon Classic through to the Sailor Moon R Pt.2.

Mars Star Power! (Make Up!): Using her 2nd Star Transformation Power Stick to transform into the 2nd version of Sailor Mars, with stronger powers. Used from Sailor Moon R Pt. 2 to the middle of Sailor Moon SuperS.

Mars Crystal Power! (Make Up!): Using her 3rd Crystal and Rod given to her by Pegasus she transforms into Super Sailor Mars the 3rd and final form of Mars in the anime.


Mars Fire Ignite: Igniting fire to attack the enemy. (called Fire Soul in the Japanese)

Evil Spirits Disperse / Begone: Using banishing parchment scrolls she banishes negative forces.

Mars Firebird Strike: A more powerful form of her fire, forming a bird and attacking the enemy.

Mars Firestorm Flash: Creating a huge storm of flames. (only used in the R Movie) (called Mars Fireballs Blast in the Pioneer dub).

Celestial Fire Surround: Using the symbols (Sun, Moon, Star, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Rock) to create Fire Symbols. (called Burning Mandala in the Japanese)

Mars Flame Sniper: Creating an arrow of flame. (called Flame Shooter in the Cloverway dub).

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