Rei's Grandfather
Japanese: レイのおじいさん
Romanji: Rei no Ojisan
Aliases: Grandpa Hino (fan name), Jiji
Residency: Hikawa Shrine, Azabu-Juban, Minato-ward; Tokyo, Japan

Shinto Priest


Rei Hino (granddaughter)


Yuuichirou Kumada



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire
Anime Voiced By: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese)
David Fraser (DiC English dub, seasons 1-2)
John Stocker (CWi English dub, seasons 3-4)
Michael Sorich (Viz Media English dub)

Rei's Grandfather is Rei Hino's grandfather, the head of Hikawa Shrine and the human incarnation of Jiji.  



In the anime, he is shown as being extraordinarily goofy, jumpy and physical, which worries Rei. Consequently, he and Usagi get along well. He energetically encourages temple visitors to buy lucky charms, make wishes, pray, etc. He is known for his perverted personality, and he once tried to have Ami marry him. In spite of his goofiness, he does manage to come down to Earth when the situation warrants it.

In episode 30, it is revealed that he is a keeper of one of the Rainbow Crystals, which Zoisite attacks him for.


Prior to the anime

During the Silver Millennium, Rei's grandfather was originally Jiji, one of the Seven Great Yuoma that served the Dark Kingdom, until Queen Serenity had him, as well as the other six monsters, reincarnated on earth as normal humans.

On earth, he became Rei's grandfather as well as a Shinto Priest in Tokyo. He opened the Hikawa Shrine, where he both lives and works at. He also developed himself as a pervert towards young teenage girls.

Sailor Moon

He made his first appearance in episode 10 of the series, when he showed his first signs as a pervert, harassing any girl that visited his shrine. He also hired Shitennou Jadeite, who was disguised as an earthling, to work at his shrine, not knowing Jadeite was actually carrying the plans of the Dark Kingdom. His granddaughter was reawakened as Sailor Mars, who helped Sailor Moon and Mercury undermine Jadeite's plans. From then on, his shrine would be used as the primary meeting place for the Sailor Senshi.

After Jadeite's departure, he hired a new person named Yuichiro to work at Hikawa Shrine.

Later in the series, the Dark Kingdom tracked down and reawakened the Seven Great Yuoma on earth one at a time and Rei's Grandpa was no exception. He temporarily became Jiji again but Sailor Moon used her powers to turn him back to normal.

Sailor Moon R

His pervert personality went over the top in Sailor Moon R. He harassed so many girls that they altogether stopped visiting Hikawa Shrine and a news magazine even published an article about it. He temporarily took a stopped being a priest and took a different career route to attract more girls. His solution was to open a protection aesthetics class, which did eventually attract many females but also the Black Moon Clan, who tried to use the class to carry out their missions.


  • The anime version of Rei's Grandfather bares very little resemblance to his manga counterpart in terms of physical appearance; this is one of the very few instances in which a character's appearance changed substantially in the translation from manga to anime.


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