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"Rainbow Moon Heartache" is a heart/rainbow-moonlight-based attack that Super Sailor Moon used to destroy monsters (mainly Daimons). She can only use it while in her Super Sailor Moon form. The effect looks virtually the same when the monster is destroyed.

To perform this attack, Sailor Moon would raise the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and then she would flip it around her body until" finally striking on a pose. After this, she would spin around and once again hold the rod up again, sending several energy ribbons with hearts.

This attack, as well as its less strong version, was replaced by Moon Gorgeous Meditation in the fourth season, and the Black Dream Hole movie.


Super Sailor Moon also used this attack to destroy all of Tellu's Venus Heart Traps, plants of her invention to snatch Pure Hearts. She also defeated Viluy by damaging her bracelet, the nanocuff, with this attack, which caused it to turn on her and destroy her.

Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon performed a more powerful version of this attack called Rainbow Double Moon Heartache using the combined powers of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and the Pink Moon Rod, making it tens of times more effective.


Super Sailor Moon first uses the attack on Cyprine and Ptilol. She uses it on other villains such as Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe.

She also performed this attack with Super Sailor Chibi Moon on Act 37 - Infinity 11, Infinite, Judge. The attack was called Rainbow Double Moon Heartache and was strong enough to finish off Mistress 9's Daimon form.

Video Games

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache was performed by Super Sailor Moon in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story.

This attack was also used in the video game Sailor Moon S for the 3DO.


  • The kanji used in the manga for the attack can loosely translate to "Rainbow Moon Heart Incite".
  • In the first English dub of the movie, Hearts in Ice, the word "Reform" was added to the end of this attack.
  • Its sequence is similar to the one in the original anime. Differences include the rainbow, the backgrounds, and several movements Moon makes.



Rainbow Moon Heartache - 90’s version