The Rainbow Crystals were, in truth, seven fragments of the Legendary Silver Crystal itself, which had been broken during the final battle between Queen Serenity and the evil cosmic force known as Queen Metalia. Once unleashing the immeasurable powers of the Silver Crystal atop the Moon Stick, the Queen of the White Moon had beaten the strongest Seven Great Youma of the corrupt Dark Kingdom and henceforth imprisoned each of them within one of the Rainbow Crystals. She had then sent the fragments to Earth, where the Seven Great Youma were reborn as human beings who had no recollection of their previous lives; however, each housed one Rainbow Crystal within his or her body.

Due to Sailor Moon's intense sorrow over losing Tuxedo Mask, her tear had called the Rainbow Crystals forth and they had merged to form the long-lost Legendary Silver Crystal.


  • These mystical crystalline objects never existed in the manga.
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