Queen Serenity is the selfless and caring mother of Usagi (Serena) Tsukino and the former queen of the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity, knowing that her daughter's life can’t end in pain, takes out the Crescent Moon Wand and places the Imperium Silver Crystal on top of it. It emits a bright pink color as Luna and Artemis cry for Princess Serenity's death. Luna warns the Queen that if she uses the Crystal she will take her life in the process. Not caring for her own life and only for her kingdom, Queen Serenity uses the Crescent Moon Wand thus sealing away the darkness that came to their home.

Finally saving their home, Luna praises the queen for destroying the forces of evil. However, Queen Serenity did not destory Beryl and her minions. Had she destroyed them, then she would have destroyed the princess along with everyone who had died defending the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity had trapped everyone inside the Silver Crystal and tells Luna and Artemis she must send them to Earth in the future to be reincarnated.

Luna is happy to know that the kingdom is saved, yet wonders why the Queen is so sad. She explains that she will never get to see her daughter again, nor will they even remember the Moon Kingdom. After she holds the Crescent Moon Wand telling the cat guardians she has enough strength to send everything they will need in the future to Earth for Serenity and the Scouts. She tells them that Serenity and her court will need their help if evil ever strikes up again. They will also be reborn on Earth with no memory of what happened while living on the Moon Kingdom. She then finally tells them that if they show up at the Moon Kingdom once more, they will know to take action. She finally lets the Silver Crystal glow from her hand in a sad tone she says ‘now farewell all of you, and good luck’. The grieving queen also says good bye to her beloved daughter for the very last time. Everyone then gets teleported to Earth in golden orbs, and flies through the sky like pink flower petals. Watching her family, friends, and people fly away to Earth, she says, ‘Be happy, and on behalf of the moon, you will be free again.’ After her final words, she then dies, sending Luna and Artemis to the 20th century along with Serenity and the others. Queen Serenity’s spirit then hopes they will meet again one day full of happiness.

Despite her death one thousand years ago, Queen Serenity's spirit continues to watch over the reincarnation of her daughter and her friends. When Sailor Moon and the scouts are teleported to the ruins of the once prosperous Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity appears to show the scouts the last days of the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity appears once more during the Doom Tree arc to bestow Sailor Moon with a new locket to hold the Imperium Silver Crystal and a new scepter to aid in her fight against evil.

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