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Queen Serenity
Japanese: クイン・セレニティ
Romanji: Kuin Sereniti
Residency: Moon Palace, Moon Kingdom

Queen of the Moon Kingdom


Princess Serenity (daughter)


The Inner Sailor Guardians, Luna, Artemis


Moon Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Lunar Humanoid
First Appearance
Live Action: Special Act - We're Getting Married!!
Live Action Played By: Miyuu Sawai; Youko Soumi (voice)
Queen Serenity was the queen of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium and the mother of Princess Serenity.


She wears a white dress with a tiara and a Crescant moon on her forehead. She didn't have the odango hairstyle. The dress that she wore was very different than her manga and anime counterparts dresses. Unlike her manga and anime counterparts, she wears a crown. And she only refered to Princess Serenity as "the princess."


Queen Serenity was the mother of Princess Serenity before she was reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino. She had first appeared when Luna called her to express her concern about Usagi and Mamoru's relationship falling apart. Queen Serenity told Luna that things would be sure to work out themselves out in due course, but she then warned Luna about presence that is trying to awaken. Later, she appeared again with Luna and Makoto. They were concerned about how to deal with the growing threat of Queen Mio. She sent them the a sword called Spirit of the Sailor Guardiansi, in order to revive the Senshi's powers.


  • Miyuu Sawai played Queen Serenity but didn't voice her. Instead, Youko Soumi voiced her.
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