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Queen Mio
クイン ミオ
Kuin Mio

Dark Kingdom


Queen of Dark Kingdom


Mio Kuroki


Mamoru Chiba, Pierrots





First Appearance

Special Act - We're Getting Married!!


Alisa Yuriko Durbrow

Queen Mio was the form that Mio Kuroki assumed in the Special Act of the live-action series.


Queen Mio's character design reflects her status as queen of the Dark Kingdom. She wore a striped bodice accented with hearts, accompanied with a hot pink skirt. She also wore a pair of black gloves and stockings with a pair of ankle-high boots. Further accessories include a pink, fur-trimmed cape, a skull-capped wand, and her plush dog Choppi. A common theme of her wardrobe is a Valentine heart.


Queen Mio had the plan of kidnapping Mamoru, and then marrying him because she needed a king. Usagi later found out about it, as she and Mamoru were kidnapped by Queen Mio. As this goes on, Queen Mio uses magic on Mamoru, causing him to fall under his thrall, and forget about Usagi. Eventually this would result in them breaking up. Usagi is later imprisoned, however is saved by her Senshi fellows. On the day when Queen Mio is about to marry Mamoru, Usagi, and the others, along with the Shitennou get Mamoru back, and in this point Queen Mio becomes angry, an later fights the Senshi, and sends her Pierrots masked as the Shitennou, however the Shittenou is shown to have beat the Pierrots. In the end, Queen Mio turns herself into a giant Youma, and fights with Tuxedo Mask and Shitennou, as they begin to be weak, Sailor Moon, MercuryJupiter, Venus then performed Sailor Planet Attack, enough to destroy her.


Mio's Youma form of a large plant-like creature is somewhat similar to the unnamed Beryl/Metallia entity featured at the end of the first season of the original anime.


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