Queen Metalia
Kuin Metaria
Japanese: クイン・メタリア
Romanji: Kuin Metaria
Residency: Dark Kingdom

Destroying the planet


Queen Beryl
Silver Crystal


Dark Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
First Appearance
Live-Action: Act 19 - Usagi's Nervous Valentine
Live-Action Played By: Miyuu Sawai (voice only)
"Planet... destroy..."
— Metalia's only lines

Queen Metaria was an evil force sealed under Planet Earth. She fed on human energy and was mysteriously connected to the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl used her to wage war against the Moon Kingdom in the past, and tried to awaken and control her in the present so that her Dark Kingdom could take over the world.


Queen Metaria appeared as purple energy contained within a crystal pillar. Her color would flash red when she recovered her strength, and the inside of her pillar was also shown to be a stream of red energy. The pillar containing Queen Metaria was located in the Dark Kingdom, which appeared to be an underground fortress built around her.


Queen Metaria was an incorporeal force that fed on human energy. She was mysteriously linked to the Silver Crystal, and gained strength whenever it was used. According to Queen Beryl, Metaria and the Crystal's power was the same, meaning Metaria was Earth's counterpart to the Moon's Silver Crystal. Metaria possessed a very limited consciousness, and was only able to speak the words "planet" and "destroy". Her only purpose was to destroy planet Earth, under which she was sealed.


Silver Millennium

At the end of the Silver Millennium, Queen Metaria was the entity that granted Beryl the power to start a revolution on Earth against the Moon Kingdom and Endymion. During the revolution, Endymion was killed, and the grief caused Princess Serenity to unleash the power of the Silver Crystal, therefore destroying both the Moon and the Earth. During this event, Metaria was somehow sealed underground.

Dark Kingdom

After being reborn in the present, Queen Beryl attempted to awaken and control Queen Metaria in order to rule over the Earth. Using Metaria's power, Beryl revived the Shitennou and brainwashed them to make them forget their previous lives, with varying degrees of success. At first, Queen Beryl tried to awaken Metaria by feeding her energy from humans on Earth, collected by the Shitennou's Youma, and by finding the Silver Crystal.

Even though the Dark Kingdom failed to find the Crystal, Beryl managed to partially awaken Metaria using human energy. After Usagi awakened as Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal revealed itself, Metaria's powers began to grow rapidly, much to Queen Beryl's puzzlement.


Some time after the Princess and the Silver Crystal revealed themselves, Queen Beryl figured out that Queen Metaria's power was connected to the power of the Silver Crystal; whenever Usagi used the Silver Crystal's power, Metaria's own strength would increase.

As Metaria began to awaken on her own, she started summoning identical cloaked Youma without Queen Beryl or the Shitennou's intervention. These Youma were weak, but they always appeared in groups. Eventually, Metaria's strength increased to the point where her Youma were able to combine into single, more powerful Youma capable of draining energy from the people of Tokyo, leaving them comatose. Metaria herself later possessed one of these strong Youma, but was forced out of its body by Sailor Venus' Rolling Heart Vibration, allowing Sailor Moon to destroy it.

Metaria Endymion

Metaria's growing power was a cause of concern for Queen Beryl, who feared that the entity would destroy the Earth before she had the chance to take over it. Beryl attempted to drain Metaria's power through different ways, but she was unsuccessful. In the end, Mamoru decided to seal Queen Metaria within his body, believing that he could contain it, much like Usagi contained the Silver Crystal within hers.

However, Metaria's power manages to corrupt Mamoru after he witnesses Kunzite's death, and turns him into the entity known as Metaria Endymion, a dark version of Prince Endymion whose only mission was to destroy the planet. Metaria Endymion defeats the Sailor Guardians in combat until Sailor Moon stabs the entity with Endymion's sword, effectively killing both Mamoru and Queen Metaria and putting an end to the Dark Kingdom.

Metaria's dead, empty pillar remained in the Dark Kingdom's base, and Queen Beryl chose to die in its chamber as her castle collapsed.



  • In the manga and anime, Queen Metaria was stated to be a demon from the sun. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Metaria's origin was left unexplained, but she was linked to the Earth and the Silver Crystal.
  • Unlike her counterparts in other versions of the Dark Kingdom arc, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's Metaria could not speak on her own beyond her desire to destroy the planet.
  • Also unlike other versions of the Dark Kingdom arc, Metaria was not the final enemy of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. The Sailor Guardians had to fight both Princess Sailor Moon and Queen Mio after Metaria's demise.
  • Metaria's voice actor is Miyuu Sawai, who played Usagi and Princess Sailor Moon. Her voice was digitally altered for Metaria's role.

Dark Kingdom
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