Queen Metalia
Manga queen metalia 2.png
Japanese: クイン・メタリア
Romanji: Kuin Metaria
Residency: D Point

Supreme ruler of the Dark Kingdom


Queen Beryl


Dark Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Aspect of Chaos
First Appearance
Manga: Act 6 Tuxedo Mask

Queen Metalia is a malignant, amorphous energy being, and is the true mastermind and leader of the Dark Kingdom, having been the one who gave Queen Beryl her power.


Queen Metalia is portrayed as just an amorphous energy being in both the manga and the anime. However, in the manga, she takes on a more humanoid appearance as a shadowed human body. As she gets more powerful, she begins to spread around the world, like a dark cloud. However, her "heart" is located above her eyes, and the mark becomes more prominent as she becomes bigger.


Dark Kingdom Arc

In the manga, Metalia was born from abnormal activity in the sun. She landed on Earth and corrupted a young woman, a sorceress named Beryl. Beryl was secretly in love with the Prince of the Earth, Prince Endymion, who was in love with the moon princess, Princess Serenity, who Beryl became obsessively jealous of. She agreed to work for Metalia to destroy the Moon Kingdom on the premise that she would be able to make Endymion love her. Beryl's possession led to a revolt against the Moon Kingdom. With Metalia's influence, she was even able to corrupt the Shitennou, Endymion's guardians, and launched an attack on the moon. The Moon Kingdom was destroyed, however, Queen Serenity was able to use the Silver Crystal to seal away Metalia and the Dark Kingdom; Metalia was imprisoned in the North Pole.

By the 20th century, Beryl reincarnated herself, ventured to the North Pole and awakened Metalia, though she was still imprisoned. She corrupted the reincarnation of Beryl to once again serve her and to find the Silver Crystal in order to free her. The Shitennou were also reborn and corrupted to serve her. After Prince Endymion's reincarnation, Mamoru Chiba, is captured, Metalia possessed his body. When Sailor Moon, is forced to kill Endymion, Metalia is freed from him and absorbs him, Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal into her. She grows and begins to cover the Earth, turning humans against each other. The Inner Senshi try to stop her, but she is too powerful, and they give up their power to awaken Sailor Moon within the monster. Sailor Moon and Mamoru appear to have survived and Sailor Moon teleports them out out Metalia, along with the Silver Crystal. Mamoru, with the advice of Kunzite, shows Metalia's weak point and, with Mamoru's support, Sailor Moon uses the power of the Silver Crystal and the power of the Silver Millennium to destroy the evil queen for good.

Stars Arc

In the Stars arc of the manga, it was revealed that Metalia was an incarnation of Chaos.


Queen Metalia was a demon from the Sun that could absorb all energy and use it to expand her body and power. The more energy she gains, the further she can spread her dark body to wrap around the whole planet. Innocent people could then fall under her influence, turning them violent and attacking one another.



  • Like all arch-villains in the Sailor Moon manga, she is an incarnation of Chaos.
  • The spelling of her name has been debated. The Kondasha translation and Viz Media spells it as "Queen Metalia". In the Bunkoban editions of the manga, her name is shown in Latin letters as "Queen Metaria". Sailor Moon Crystal spells the name on episode 12's Japanese title card as Queen Metaria.

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Leaders Queen MetariaQueen Beryl
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