Queen Metalia
Japanese: クイン・メタリア
Romanji: Kuin Metaria
Residency: D Point

Ruler of the Dark Kingdom


Queen Beryl


Dark Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Black Cloud
First Appearance
Anime: Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love
Anime Voiced By: Noriko Uemura (Japanese)
Maria Vacratsis (DiC English dub)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Viz Media English dub)

Queen Metalia is a malignant, amorphous energy being, and is the true mastermind and leader of the Dark Kingdom, having been the one who gave Queen Beryl her power.



In the anime, Queen Metalia is much the same, with a few exceptions. Originally, Queen Beryl collected human energy to try and free her before then seeking the Silver Crystal. Additionally, she does not possess Prince Endymion, but fills him with her dark energy, eventually making it impossible to heal him with even the Silver Crystal. She eventually becomes powerful enough to resurrect herself, taking possession of a dying Queen Beryl, transforming her into a towering goddess-like creature referred to as Super Beryl. Both she and Beryl are destroyed by Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal.



  • Queen Metalia is the only "greater antagonist" destroyed at the same time as the main antagonist (as they were combined together at the time). Most of the other ones kill the true main antagonist, except the case of Pharaoh 90 and Professor Tomoe, as Tomoe survives (though the one possessing him is killed).
  • In the manga, she looked like a humanoid shadowy figure, but in the anime, she looked like a black cloud.
  • In the DiC English dub, she was called The Negaforce and in that dub. she had no gender. In the Viz Media English gub, she is called "Queen Metalia".

Dark Kingdom

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Leaders Queen MetariaQueen Beryl
Shitennou JadeiteNephriteZoisiteKunzite
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Leaders Queen MetariaQueen Beryl
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