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[[File:Beryl_dies.jpg|thumb|left|Beryl is destroyed]]
[[File:Beryl_dies.jpg|thumb|left|Beryl is destroyed]]
Following Queen Beryl's defeat, the other Sailor Senshi returned, although they and [[Usagi]] lost all memory of being friends or Sailor Senshi, until the time came at the beginning of [[Sailor Moon R]].
Following Queen Beryl's defeat, the other Sailor Senshi returned, although they and [[Usagi]] lost all memory of being friends or Sailor Senshi, until the time came at the beginning of [[Sailor Moon R]].
Evil Energy - this attack was use'd on prince Endymion so he will be at the dark side.
Dark Power - this attack only can be attack'd wen she turn's into Super Beryl.
Dark Shard - She threw a very big black shard she was trying to kill Sailor Moon but Prince Endymion threw a rose.
Dark Ice - an attack use'd on Jadietie freezing him in an ice block.
Dark Beam - She shoot's out a purple beam use'd on Zoistie.

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Template:InfoboxCharacter Queen Beryl was the commander of the Dark Kingdom.


Her goal was to find the Silver Crystal and take over the world. Her four generals were named Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite.

At first, Beryl was trying to collect energy for Queen Metalia. First Jadeite would attempt to steal energy from groups of people by attaching items charged with dark energy to them, only to be thwarted repeatedly by Sailor Moon. She issued Jadeite an ultimatum, that if he failed to destroy the Sailor Senshi, he would be condemned to Eternal Sleep, a horrible punishment involving the victim being permanently frozen, and then "condemned for the most profound darkness forever". Jadeite was defeated in the end, so Queen Beryl gave him his Eternal Sleep and put Nephrite in charge. Nephrite tried to gather energy from one person at a time, but was foiled by Sailor Moon each time. Once Beryl threatened him with the same fate as Jadeite.

After Nephrite betrayed the Dark Kingdom and was subsequently killed, Beryl managed to get some energy for Queen Metaria, who proceeded to give her a new task: Find the seven Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. She assigned Zoisite with this task, though Tuxedo Mask got some of the crystals, and Sailor Moon got a few but was forced to hand them over to Zoisite. Soon Beryl turned Mamoru Chiba evil, and Zoisite challenged him to a duel over the crystals, but doublecrossed him. First, Kunzite appeared and took all the crystals. Then, against Beryl's orders, Zoisite tried to kill Tuxedo Mask, and was subsequently killed by Queen Beryl as punishment. In the end, Sailor Moon got the Silver Crystal, though Beryl did manage to turn Mamoru evil.

As Sailor Moon possessed the Silver Crystal, Queen Beryl assigned Kunzite and Mamoru to find Sailor Moon and get the crystal back from her, though they refused to work together. Soon Mamoru was healed by Sailor Moon but recaptured by Kunzite and turned evil again by Beryl. Before the latter happened, however, Kunzite was killed by Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Senshi headed over to the Dark Kingdom. Beryl sent the DD Girls after them, and all but Sailor Moon were killed, including the DD Girls. Beryl transported Sailor Moon to the Dark Kingdom and arranged a fight between her and Mamoru. She was able to heal him using the locket, however, and as Beryl attempted to throw a giant spike at them, he threw a rose at her, shattering the spike and hitting her directly.

File:Beryl Negaforce.jpg

While asking Queen Metaria to help her win, she was deemed "nearly as incompetent as her minions" and then given one last chance as she was possessed by Queen Metaria, transforming into Super Beryl. She fought Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serenity and destroyed Beryl.

Beryl dies

Beryl is destroyed

Following Queen Beryl's defeat, the other Sailor Senshi returned, although they and Usagi lost all memory of being friends or Sailor Senshi, until the time came at the beginning of Sailor Moon R.



In the manga, Beryl was an Earth sorceress. She fell in love with Prince Endymion and became obsessively jealous upon finding out his love for Princess Serenity. Beryl was corrupted by Queen Metalia.

Her possession leads her to then revolt against the Moon Kingdom, and disobey the orders of Prince Endymion. When the prince tried to persuade his people not to fight against the people of the moon, Beryl killed him. She, in turn, was then killed by Sailor Venus.


Beryl killed by Sailor Venus

After the events on the Moon Kingdom everyone was reborn on Earth, Beryl included. She corrupted the four Shitennou and got them to do her bidding. She got Kunzite to kidnap Mamoru (the reincarnation of Prince Endymion) and brainwashed him to make him work for her. Using her hair to bind Sailor Moon and choke her, she tries to get the secret of the Silver Crystal from her. Sailor Venus steps in once more and kills Queen Beryl.


P beryl

Queen Beryl in PGSM

Queen Beryl first appears in act 01, and is played by Aya Sugimoto. Here as before, she is the leader of the Dark Kingdom in charge of Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite. She obsessively requires love from them, and sends them to steal energy for her. However, she despises Prince Endymion, and even forbids Nephrite from mentioning his name. At one point, Beryl created a shadow of herself, Mio Kuroki, whom she sent to Earth to torment Usagi. When she learned that Mamoru Chiba was Endymion, Beryl forced him to come with her by threatening the lives of the Shitennou, and forced Nephrite to kill himself as an example. Once she had him in the Dark Kingdom, Beryl had Jadeite implant a cursed stone in Mamoru's body that drained his life whenever he thought about Usagi. Queen Metalia gained too much power too quickly, and Beryl lost control. Endymion took Metalia's power and sealed it within himself, but it eventually took him over. After Sailor Moon was forced to kill Metalia Endymion and lost control, she became Princess Sailor Moon and destroyed the planet and the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl died as her castle crumbled around her, but was not alone, as Jadeite stayed by her side even after being released from her control.


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