Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom.

Nomenclature and Etymology


Queen Beryl is named after a mineral of the same name.


Queen Beryl has long, wavy red hair and orange eyes. She is always shown wearing a long, purple maxi dress, a golden choker with an indigo gem in the center, turquoise earrings, silver bracelets, and a black forehead tiara.

After transforming into Super Beryl, she grew into a larger form and had green hair and green skin with a jewel on her forehead.


Prior to the anime

Queen Beryl launched an attack on the Moon Kingdom during the end of the Silver Millennium with an army of brainwashed humans, including the Shitennou. She also wanted to unleash the power of the Dark Kingdom upon the universe in the process. The Moon Kingdom was destroyed and many lives were lost. When it seemed that Beryl had won, Queen Serenity used her remaining powers to save all killed under Beryl and seal away the Dark Kingdom's powers.

Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl's goal is to find the Silver Crystal, take over the world, unleash dark energy upon the universe, and reawaken Queen Metalia.

Initially, Beryl attempted to collect human energy for Queen Metaria's revival. Jadeite made several efforts to steal energy from groups of people by forging items with dark energy, only to be thwarted repeatedly by Sailor Moon. By episode 13, Beryl issued Jadeite an ultimatum, that if he failed to destroy the Sailor Guardians, he would be condemned to Eternal Sleep, a horrible punishment involving the victim being permanently frozen in crystal and being flung into an inescapable realm of profound darkness. As Jadeite failed to successfully carry out his final duty, Queen Beryl cast this sentence him and put Nephrite in charge. Nephrite tried to gather energy from one person at a time, but was foiled by Sailor Moon each time and was threatened with the same fate as Jadeite.

After Nephrite betrayed the Dark Kingdom and was subsequently killed by Zoisite, Beryl managed to harness some energy for Queen Metalia, who proceeded to give her a new task; find the Seven Rainbow Crystals to reform the Silver Crystal and reawaken the Seven Great Youma. Beryl assigned Zoisite with this task, although Tuxedo Mask was able to steal some of the crystals, and Sailor Moon obtained one as well, but was forced to relinquish to Zoisite. After discovering that he is the reincarnated Prince Endymion, Beryl ordered the remaining Shitennou not to kill Tuxedo Mask. However, Zoisite disregarded this instruction and stabbed him with a shard of ice, an action that led to his subsequent death by Beryl. After these events, Beryl was able to possess Mamoru Chiba with Queen Metalia's essence, effectively brainwashing him to serve the Dark Kingdom.

As Sailor Moon still possessed the newly reformed Silver Crystal, Queen Beryl assigned Kunzite and Mamoru to find her and get the crystal back from her, though they refused to work together. Soon Mamoru was healed by Sailor Moon but recaptured by Kunzite and brainwashed again by Beryl after the former's death. After the Sailor Guardians locate and head out to D-Point, Beryl sent the DD Girls to bewitch them with illusions and kill them. After the deaths of all of the Girls and Sailor Guardians (Except Sailor Moon), Beryl transported Sailor Moon to the Dark Kingdom and arranged a fight between her and Mamoru. Sailor Moon frees Mamoru from the Dark Kingdom's influence, and he, in turn, manages to wound Beryl severely.

While appealing Queen Metalia to help obtain success, Metalia gave Beryl one last chance, possessing her and transforming her into Super Beryl. She fought Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serenity and destroys the two queens with assistance from the spirits of her deceased comrades.



  • Beryl's anime counterpart lacks the tragic backstory of her manga counterpart, being a lowly sorceress who was in love with Endymion and allowed Metalia to corrupt her and destroy the Moon Kingdom in an effort to gain his love. Some trace elements remain in the anime, namely her recognizing Endymion's face on the unmasked Tuxedo Mask.
  • Queen Beryl's Sailor Moon Drops design and origin are based heavily on her appearance from the Sailor Moon anime.
  • Queen Beryl's origin is explained in Sailor Moon: Another Story. You can also find bits and pieces of Queen Beryl's origin in the manga series.

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