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Mio Kuroki


Queen Metalia
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Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!


Aya Sugimoto

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"That's enough... I'm tired of playing make-believe Queen."
— Beryl, moments before dying

Queen Beryl was the commander and mastermind behind the Dark Kingdom. Using Queen Metalia's energy, she started a revolution against the Moon Kingdom in the past, and tried to conquer Earth in the present. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.


Queen Beryl believes that she should rule over the Earth alongside Prince Endymion through the power of Queen Metalia. She is deeply resentful of the Moon Kingdom, especially of Princess Serenity, whom she blames for taking Endymion and for destroying Earth. Beryl is powerful, controlling and conniving, but is also shown in a sympathetic light at times.


Beryl Human (PGSM)

Beryl watches Endymion and Serenity kissing

Queen Beryl retains the same appearance as she does in her previous incarnations, but her costume is noticeably more ornate. Beryl wears a purple dress with pink feathered sleeve cuffs on her shoulders with shoulder armor, that is made out of a shiny metal, as well as beryl earrings and a black tiara. Her nails are long and red, and she wears a purple shawl between her arms at all times. Her hair is also red that is also long and curly.

Before becoming "Queen", she was shown to be much less sophisticated, and wore a simple gray dress instead. Her hair looked the same.


Silver Millennium

Thousands of years in the past, Beryl was apparently a courtier at Prince Endymion's castle; she states she was always watching over him. She was in love with Endymion, and she suffered greatly when witnessing his escapades with Princess Serenity. Beryl somehow came in contact with the entity known as Queen Metalia, which granted her power to become Queen Beryl and start a revolution against the Moon Kingdom. Since relations between the Earth and Moon Kingdoms were taboo, people on Earth were easily turned against Endymion for choosing to marry Serenity.

Queen Beryl's revolution was successful, and she managed to invade the Moon Castle; however, after Endymion died during this invasion, Princess Serenity's grief unleashed the power of the Silver Crystal and destroyed both the moon and the Earth, sealing Metalia and Beryl underground in the process.

Dark Kingdom

Queen Beryl Energy (PGSM)

Queen Beryl collecting energy for Metalia

In the present age, Queen Beryl was revived and she decided to change the fate from her past life. She built the Dark Kingdom around the pillar containing Queen Metalia, and used her power to resurrect Endymion's Shitennou, brainwashing them so they wouldn't remember their past lives. She ordered them to feed Queen Metalia with people's energy, and to find the Silver Crystal so that they could fully awake Metalia.

Beryl Shitennou (PGSM)

Queen Beryl forces the Shitennou to fight

Queen Beryl's rule over the Dark Kingdom was somewhat chaotic, because even though she had full control over the Shitennou's lives she let them act freely. While Jadeite and Nephrite tried to please her and prove themselves to her, Zoisite and Kunzite didn't care for her plans. Zoisite was able to remember his past life, and devoted himself to looking after his master Endymion, now reincarnated as Mamoru Chiba. Kunzite also remembered some of his past life, and blamed both Beryl and Endymion for the destruction of the planet, so he worked for his own agenda.

Mio Kuroki Tranforming (PGSM)

Mio Kuroki, Beryl's shadow

The Dark Kingdom failed to find the Silver Crystal, but it revealed itself inside Princess Serenity's reincarnation, Usagi. This revelation awakened Metalia, and Beryl then focused on taking Endymion into the Dark Kingdom and getting her revenge on Serenity. To this end, she created a "shadow" of herself, Mio Kuroki, and sent her to Tokyo. Thanks to Beryl's power, Kuroki became Minako Aino's rival idol overnight. She also transferred to Usagi's school and devoted herself to making Usagi miserable while obtaining information on Endymion's whereabouts.

Mamoru meets Beryl (PGSM)

Mamoru and Beryl are reunited

Mio was able to lead Mamoru to Beryl, but Princess Sailor Moon appeared and attacked her. Beryl was easily defeated, but she resorted to threatening the Shitennou's lives to make Mamoru help her get rid of the Princess. She explained her plans to have Endymion become her King, and even though Mamoru refused they agreed that Princess Sailor Moon's appearance could mean the end of the world once more.

Beryl Endymion (PGSM)

Endymion confronts Beryl to stop Metalia

Usagi's use of the Silver Crystal revived Metalia to such an extent that Queen Beryl could no longer control her. Beryl was very concerned that Metalia would destroy the world before she could conquer it, and she unsuccessfully tried to drain Metalia's energy. Finally, Endymion decided to seal Queen Metalia inside his body, eventually turning him into the out-of-control entity known as Metalia Endymion. In this state, he seemingly killed Mio.

Beryl End (PGSM)

Beryl dies alongside Jadeite

Sailor Moon managed to kill Metalia Endymion, but the grief caused Princess Sailor Moon to appear again. Queen Beryl, defeated and powerless, confronted her: the princess had once again taken Endymion, and also Metalia, from her. Princess Sailor Moon announced her intention to destroy the world, and the Dark Kingdom began to crumble. Beryl stayed in Queen Metalia's room and refused to leave. Jadeite stayed at her side; Beryl removed her spell from him so that he could escape, but he still thought of Beryl as his Queen. They died together moments before Princess Sailor Moon destroyed the planet once more.

Although Beryl died, part of her lived on as Queen Mio, which four years later unsuccessfully attempted to rebuild the Dark Kingdom.



Beryl Attack (PGSM)
Beryl attacking Princess Sailor Moon
Beryl Senshi (PGSM)
The Sailor Senshi confront Beryl
Beryl Princess (PGSM)
Beryl faces Princess Sailor Moon one last time
Queen Metalia Dead (PGSM)
Beryl stands before Metalia's empty pillar

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