Queen Badiane
Japanese: 女王バディヤーヌ
Romanji: Joou Badiyaanu
Aliases: Queen Badiyanu (CWi English dub)
Residency: Marzipannu Castle

Queen of the Black Lightning


Perle, Poupelin, Banane, Orangeat



Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Anime: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie
Anime Voiced By: Rihoko Yoshida (Japanese)
Queen Badiane is an evil queen from another world. Her main goal is to capture dream energy from all the children of Earth to feed her Black Dream Hole, increasing her own power. She was defeated by Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon with the help of the other Sailor Guardians' powers, using Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Badiane is one of the French words for Star Anise.



Queen Badiane was the main villain of Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie. She was a witch from another world who planned to kidnap children and bring them to Marzipan Castle, where she would seal them in Dream Coffins and use the energy generated by their dreams to power her Black Dream Hole. Her purpose was to grow the Black Dream Hole large enough that it would swallow everything, putting it under her control. She enlisted the aid of four fairies, Perle, Poupelin, Banane, and Orangeat, for help in this endeavor.

The four fairies agreed to help her, but Perle later renounced his loyalty to Badiane after befriending Chibiusa. In order to capture children, Badiane has the fairies play a magical tune on special flutes, causing them to fall into a trance. Chibiusa is one of the children abducted, and Badiane discovers that she has an extraordinary amount of energy. She decides to use the girl as a primary source for opening the Black Dream Hole. Perle helps the Sailor Guardians find their way to Marzipannu Castle, where they fight the other fairies, and finally reach Badiane. Badiane is much too powerful for the Sailor Guardians, but Sailor Moon enters the Black Dream Hole, where she finds herself immediately placed within a Dream Coffin and trapped in a dream of being with Mamoru. Luckily, she fights her way out of the illusion and breaks free of the Dream Coffin.

Sailor Moon fights her way through the Black Dream Hole to find the unconscious Chibiusa. Sailor Moon is injured while protecting Chibiusa, but the light of her Silver Crystal shines out of the Black Dream Hole for the other Guardians to see. They then feed their powers to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, who is brought back to consciousness by the other Sailor Guardians' energy. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon then used Moon Gorgeous Meditation together in order to destroy the Black Dream Hole, along with Badiane.



  • In the Materials Collection, Naoko Takeuchi states that star anise is attached all over Badiane's body as accessories, even as earrings. Naoko Takeuchi also says that "her hair has the image of twisted bread. On her chest, the star anise and wings are attached directly to her skin. Her hair and skirt are pitch black."
  • Badiane and her minions are all named after the French words of various sweets and desserts.
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