Prism Heart Compact



Japanese: プリズム・ハート・コンパク
Romanji: Purizumu Hāto Konpakuto
Used For: Transforming into Sailor Chibi Moon
First Appearance
Manga: Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition
Anime: The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Senshi and Seeking Friends! Chibi Moon's Actions

The "Prism Heart Compact" is Chibiusa Tsukino's first transformation brooch, in which she used to transform into Chibiusa Tsukino / Sailor Chibi Moon (manga). It is also referred to as the "Pink Sugar Compact". The compact is never referred to as this name, as it was never named on-screen or in the manga.



Chibiusa wears it every day on her civilian uniform and uses it to transform into the regular, standard form of Sailor Chibi Moon. Like Usagi, she carries her own Silver Crystal of the future within it on a thin chain. It reacts whenever a Daimon is near.


Pink Moon Compact Settei.jpg
Prism Heart Compact Bandai.jpg
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