Princess Serenity
Japanese: プリンセス・セレニティ
Romanji: Purinsesu Sereniti
Aliases: Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, Princess Sailor Moon
Residency: Moon Castle

Princess of the Moon Kingdom


Queen Serenity (mother)


Prince Endymion


Moon Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Moon Humanoid
First Appearance
Live Action: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!
Live Action Played By: Miyuu Sawai

Princess Serenity is the princess of the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millennium.


Just like Usagi in this continuity of the series, Serenity has black hair, which is let down as opposed to buns. This emphasizes the ambiguity of her identity before it is revealed that she is Usagi.  Additionally, her dress is less ornate than in her anime and manga incarnations, notably lacking sleeves and a waist embellishment.


In the live-action series, Princess Serenity's personality was more thoroughly examined and extrapolated on. Before the destruction of the Moon and Earth Kingdoms, she was a kind and peaceful girl. Afterward, she began to start acting cold, childish, and in some ways selfish.


In this version, the destruction of the Earth Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom was caused by her, in her sorrow over Prince Endymion's death. According to Minako, Serenity used to be a kind and peaceful girl, much like Usagi in her present incarnation, but that changed after the death of Endymion, making her cold and ruthless and always believe that her and Endymion's destiny was only to separate, even if they were born on the same planet, Earth. 

After the Princess within Usagi was awakened, she began to slowly take over and took control of Usagi's body when she was suffering from sadness, loneliness, or anger. When Mamoru was threatened, Usagi would transform into Princess Sailor Moon against her will. It was clear that Serenity had full control of Princess Sailor Moon, leading to an internal conflict with Usagi for the remainder of the series.

Serenity selfishly refused to see the consequences of her actions that it would have on Earth, claiming that she has no qualms in destroying the Earth if Endymion was ever taken away from her. Usagi underwent endurance training to keep both her and the Silver Crystal in line. For a while, she was successful in keeping both the crystal and Serenity at bay. However, when Usagi was forced to kill off a possessed Mamoru, Princess Serenity overcame her resistance, transformed into Princess Sailor Moon and successfully destroyed the planet. Eventually, she realized the full extent of the consequences it brought her when she ignored Usagi's warning by destroying the planet and grieved the loss of life on Earth. Upon seeing Endymion who encouraged her to use the Silver Crystal again to reverse the destruction, Serenity did out of love and finally made peace with Usagi. The Sailor Guardians lost their power to transform as the Silver Crystal was destroyed but in the Special Act, Queen Serenity sent a sword to Earth that would give the Sailor Guardians their powers back for one day.



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