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Princess Sailor Venus
Purinsesu Sērā Vīnasu
Residency: Tokyo

Moon Kingdom

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Princess Sailor Venus was the name given to Sailor Venus in the live-action series when masqueraded as Princess Serenity. This was done in order to protect the real princess, Sailor Moon.


In Act 12 of the live-action series, she appeared before the other Inner Senshi (excluding Sailor Jupiter) as Sailor V. She removed her red mask and transformed into Princess Sailor Venus, at which point Artemis presented her as the heir to the Moon Kingdom and inheritor to the Silver Crystal. In this guise she appeared in her Sailor Venus fuku, a chain around her waist, a silver tiara on her head, and a crescent moon on her forehead. Though the tiara appeared to have the Silver Crystal set in it, in Act 20 Princess Sailor Venus revealed that she had a number of fake identical tiaras.

In Act 25, after Sailor Moon awoke as Princess Serenity, the crescent moon disappeared and was replaced by her usual tiara. After that point, she continued her duties as leader of the Inner Senshi.


  • In the manga, the name "Princess Sailor Venus" was never used when she masqueraded as the Moon Princess. She had the crescent-moon symbol on her forehead, which disappeared when the real princess was revealed. She also did not wear the tiara on her head.


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