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Princess Lin-Lin
Japanese: プリンセス惏惏
Romanji: Purinsesu Rin Rin
Aliases: Mary Lin-Lin
Residency: China

Agent of the Dark Agency




Dark Agency

Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Manga: Vol.15 - A New Journey Begins (Part 1)

Princess Lin-Lin is a character who only appears in Codename: Sailor V and was an agent of the Dark Agency. Being from China, she speaks with a Chinese accent. She is often hungry and eats all kinds of Chinese cuisine including roasted cat. She considers Danburite her beloved and is jealous of Minako.


Princess Lin-Lin has light coloured hair tied up in a bun with various headpieces. She wears a long dress with overly long sleeves and an apron. Her dress has patterns of food and her apron has patterns of fish on it.


Mary Lin-Lin is the president of Ace-Vex Trax., the largest talent agency in Asia and represents a thousand clients with the most popular being Phantom Ace. The company is actually part of the Dark Agency. She also runs a chain of Chinese restaurants called Lin-Lin.

She was later defeated by Sailor V's Venus Love, Megaton Shower.





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