Template:InfoboxCharacter Princess Kakyuu was the Princess that the Sailor Starlights searched for and found on Earth. She is the Sailor Moon equivalent for the Starlights' solar system. In the manga, she becomes Sailor Kakyuu.


She is the ruler of the planet Kinmoku, and has come to Earth to find The Light of Hope. To hide from Galaxia, she hides in an incense burner, found and protected by Chibi Chibi. The Three Lights play their music to reach her, but to no avail, as she is only interested in remaining in hiding.

When Sailor Tin Nyanko threatened Usagi with a black hole, she revealed herself to save her and asks if they know the locations of the Light of Hope. However, Galaxia attacks, killing her. Following Galaxia's death, she is reborn and returns to Kinmoku.


Rather than searching for the Light of Hope, she searches for Sailor Moon, who she believes can save the Galaxy. However, she is injured in her battle with Galaxia, and was found unconscious on the ground by Chibi Chibi, who places her in an incense burner for safety. As in the anime, the Three Lights play music to reach her, but they discover her after they realize the incense burner smells of Kakyuu and tries to take it, but the Princess emerges and explains everything. She then battles Tin Nyanko, and explains The Shadow Galactica to Usagi, who then goes to fight Galaxia. However, she is later killed in battle with Sailor Chi. Her last words indicate her hope of Galaxia's defeat, and of being reincarnated with her friends.

Princess Kakyuu's manga concept art

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