Princess Kakyuu
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Japanese: 火球皇女
Romanji: Kakyuu Koujo
Aliases: Sailor Kakyuu
Residency: Kinmoku; Tokyo, Japan (briefly)

Princess of Kinmoku, Sailor Guardian


Unnamed lover (deceased)


Sailor Starlights



Gender: Female
Species: Kinmoku Humanoid
First Appearance
Manga: Act 51 Stars 2

Princess Kakyuu (火球皇女, Kakyuu Koujo) is the princess of the planet Kinmoku who fled to Earth after her planet was destroyed by the Shadow Galactica empire. She is also the civilian identity of Sailor Kakyuu (セーラー火球, Seeraa Kakyuu).

Nomenclature & Etymology

"Kakyuu" (火球) can be translated to "fireball", "shooting star" or "comet". 

"Koujo" or "Oujo" (皇女) is the Japanese term for "imperial princess".

Kakyuu Koujo can thus be translated to "Princess Fireball".


Princess Kakyuu

Kakyuu has long red-orange hair and dons a long deep red dress with blue in the bodice and puffy sleeves. She has a black crown and blue ribbon around her neck that resembles a flower.

Sailor Kakyuu

Sailor Kakyuu's uniform is unique among Sailor Guardians. Her crown is the same as in her princess form. She has a star tiara like the Starlights. The pins in her hair also remain from her princess form. Her choker is the same as her princess form as well; a blue ribbon with blossoms in the center. She has a breast-piece like the Starlights but orange-red. Her collar is also red. She has puffy armbands that are translucent orange. Her skirt is like her princess skirt, but shorter. It consists of many orange-red translucent petals. Her shoes curl into a point at the tips. Like the Starlights, her brooch is a star with wings.


In Act 51 of the manga, after Chibi Chibi landed in the park, she climbed up a playground structure and found the Princess asleep, surrounded by blossoms. Later, in Act 54, Princess Kakyuu reveals herself to the Three Lights that she was hiding the incense burner, which Chibi Chibi held on to.

After their encounter with Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and the return of Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor QuartetEternal Sailor MoonChibi Chibi, the Quartet, and Princess Kakyuu arrived at the Star Garden. Kakyuu announces that she will fight alongside them, and uses Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up, transforming into Sailor Kakyuu, the guardian of the Kinmoku. She attacks with Starlight Royal Straight Flush, breaking the capsules holding the crystals. Sailor Phi then uses Galactica Plants Blizzard, but she counters with Kinmoku Fusion Tempest. When Eternal Sailor Moon destroys Sailor Phi's bracelets and disappears, Sailor Chi stabs Sailor Kakyuu from behind with her staff. In her last words, if a new world begins, she hopes to see a world without fighting when they are all reborn together again. Kakyuu then passes away in Usagi's arms. It is a possibility that when all the Sailor Guardians' Star Seeds were freed from the Galaxy Cauldron and thus resurrecting the Sailor Guardians, Kakyuu was also revived.

Sailor Guardian Info




  • Princess Kakyuu's scent of sweet osmanthus was changed to the scent of lilacs in the Mixx manga.
  • After Sailor Moon defeated Chaos, Sailor Cosmos stated that all the Sailor Crystals and Star Seeds that were taken during Galaxia's conquest were returning to their homes to resume their lives, meaning that Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights, those whose Sailor Crystals had been taken, returned to life after Chaos' defeat.
  • In the anime and musicals, she never used her Sailor Kakyuu form but in the musicals, she does use her Kinmoku Fusion Tempest attack.
  • Princess Kakyuu is one the few Sailor Senshi whose apparent civilian name and Sailor Senshi name are identical, as "Kakyuu" doesn't seem to directly refer to the name of her Kingdom or her planet.


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