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Princess Kakyuu is the princess of the planet Kinmoku who fled to Earth after her planet was destroyed by the Shadow Galactica empire. She is also the civilian identity of Sailor Kakyuu. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Kakyu has long red-orange hair and dons a long deep red dress with blue in the bodice and puffy sleeves. She has a black crown, and blue ribbon around her neck that resembles a flower


Stars Arc

In Act 51 of the manga, after Chibi Chibi landed in the park, she climbed up a playground structure and found the Princess asleep, surrounded by blossoms.

Later, in Act 54, Princess Kakyuu reveals herself to the Three Lights that she was hiding the incense burner, which Chibi Chibi held on to.


  • Princess Kakyuu's scent of sweet osmanthus was changed to the scent of lilacs in the Mixx manga.


Princess Kakyuu Act 51
Princess Kakyuu when she was discovered by Chibi Chibi
Kakyuu m03
Kakyu introducing herself to Usagi.
Kakyuu m04
Kakyu telling her full title to Usagi.
Kakyuu m07
Kakyu surprised to hear that Sailor Moon knows about Sagittarius Zero Star.
Kakyuu m08
Princess Kakyu telling the Starlights, Usagi and Sailor Chibi Chibi about the Sagittarius Zero Star.

Kakyuu and the Starlights Artbook 5
Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights in Artbook 5. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.

Princess Kakyuu's concept art

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