Princess Harp Healing
Japanese: プリンセスハープヒーリング
Romanji: Purinsesu Haapu Hiiringu
Type: Healing-based spell that restores energy/life to people and heals objects
Items Used: Princess Harp
User(s): Princess Sailor Moon
First Appearance
Live Action: Act 42 - I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!

"Princess Harp Healing" is a healing-based spell performed by Princess Sailor Moon in the live-action series only, using the Princess Harp.


To perform this move, Princess Sailor Moon transforms her Princess Sword into harp mode and begins to play it. While there appear to be no strings attached when she's playing, a closer look during its transformation reveals pink magical strings that appear invisible once the transformation is complete. The harp can restore energy/life to people, plants and even repair objects such as torn fabric.

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