Princess D
Japanese: プリンセス・ダイヤ
Romanji: Purinsesu D
Residency: D Kingdom

Princess of the D Kingdom



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 4 Masquerade Dance Party

Princess D is the princess of the Kingdom of Diamonds, the world's largest producer of gemstones.


Dark Kingdom arc

She owned a well known, legendary treasure which Queen Beryl and Luna thought might possibly be the Silver Crystal and that she could be the Moon Princess. For a short time, she had been possessed Nephrite's youma shadow, which controlled her body into working for the Dark Kingdom. In the original manga, the crystal was later revealed to be a statue of Princess D, and in the revised manga the crystal was a a statue of D Kingdom's first princess.


  • In the live-action series, Princess D did not appear. Instead, she was replaced by Yuka Sakuragi in Act 4.
  • Some fans have speculated that she was named after Diana Frances, the Princess of Wales at the time Act 4 was released.
  • Her name "ダイヤ" is an abbreviation of "ダイヤモンド", the katakana transliteration of diamond.
  • Princess D looked somewhat similar Gurio Umino when wearing her thick swirling spectacles as well as sharing the same hair colour. When she removed them she was very beautiful, but she had such bad eyesight that this didn't happen often. In the manga, this led to the Senshi shortly wondering if Umino was also attractive without his glasses; Takeuchi, in one interview, stated that he was quite handsome without them.


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