Princess D
Japanese: プリンセス・ダイヤ
Romanji: Purinsesu D
Residency: Diamond Kingdom

Princess of the Diamond Kingdom



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Romance Under the Moon: Usagi's First Kiss
Anime Voiced By: Miki Itou (Japanese)
Liza Ortiz (DiC English Dub)
Cindy Robinson (Viz Media English Dub)

Princess D is the 1st princess of the Diamond Kingdom, a fictional kingdom and the world's largest producer of gemstones.


Princess D has short brown hair in a bob, she has light skin and dark brown eyes. She wears large swirly glasses and a big red dress. The dress has a big pink bow around her waist and two white flowers on her shoulders. She has long gloves, a pearl necklace with a red gem, golden earrings and a matching golden crown with a rose in the center of it.


The princess is a very shy young girl who (according to a newspaper article Luna reads) hates the media. She has poor eyesight, so she wears very large glasses similar to Umino's. She comes to Japan to attend a dinner party being held at the Diamond Kingdom's embassy in Tokyo. At the party, she intends to reveal her country's "mysterious secret treasure."


Nephrite, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and the Sailor Guardians suspect that this treasure may be the Silver Crystal and that Princess D may be the princess for whom they have been searching. They all plan to infiltrate the party to try to obtain the Silver Crystal. Naru Osaka is attending the party because her mother is a jeweler, and Nephrite possesses her with his spirit. Naru rushes into the princess's room to try to obtain the treasure, and the spirit leaves her body to possess the princess.

Princess D then runs out of the room to take the treasure to Nephrite, but she is quickly stopped by Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Mars uses her Akuryo Taisan attack to cause the spirit to leave the princess's body, and Princess D falls to the ground, unconscious. When she wakes up, Sailor Moon rushes to help her. She seems to have no recollection of the time when she was possessed. Luna asks her if she is the princess for whom they have been searching, but Princess D doesn't respond because she has lost her glasses and is unable to identify who is speaking to her. When she finally puts her glasses on and realizes that a cat was speaking to her, she screams and faints. Luna says that she must not be the princess. Later in the episode, Princess D goes on to present the treasure, which is a 2,000 carat diamond in the shape of the princess.



  • She resembles Umino when wearing her spectacles and they both have the same hair color.
  • Lisa Ortz, the voice actress of Princess D in the DiC English Dub, later went on to voice Amy Rose in the 4Kids English dub of Sonic X.
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