Prince Endymion was the Prince of the Golden Kingdom during the era of the Silver Millennium and was the lover of Princess Serenity. In the 20th century, he was reborn as Mamoru Chiba.


Prince Endymion shares the same appearance as his reincarnation, Mamoru Chiba; he is a rather tall young man with short dark hair with a blue sheen and blue eyes.

Endymion wears a long-sleeved dark blue bodysuit with a navy blue breastplate, a silver piece of armor that guards his waist and lower back with extended pieces to guard his hips, navy blue knee-high armored boots, and a black red-lined cape that was attached to his silver shoulder guards. Wrapped around his waist with a brown sash, was a hilt that housed a sword he would use in battle.


Endymion resided in the Golden Kingdom in Elysion with his four Guardians, the Shitennou. He fell in love with Princess Serenity and met her as often as possible, but the two lovers are found out and separated by Kunzite and Sailor Venus.

He died defending the Moon Kingdom from Queen Beryl's forces, now led by his brainwashed former Guardians. Princess Serenity committed suicide in despair.

Dark Kingdom arc

After Tuxedo Mask is mortally wounded, the Silver Crystal is released from Sailor Moon's body, and the couple is revealed as reincarnations of Serenity and Endymion. He is kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom shortly after, but not before a piece of the Silver Crystal is placed inside of him by Serenity in order to try and save him. He becomes possessed by Metalia, and he tries to take the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon uses the Legendary Sword against him, injuring him, and releases the piece of Silver Crystal, as well as releasing him from Metalia's control



  • Prince Endymion is based on Endymion of Greek mythology, a mortal who was loved by the moon goddess Selene.
  • It is revealed in the Dream arc that Mamoru's body is synchronized with Earth. If the Earth was under attack, he would feel pain, and so would Helios.
  • Like Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion had a royal court of four. The Four Generals known as the Shitennou.
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