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Purinsu Demando
Prince Dimande 2.jpg
Residency: Nemesis

Black Moon Clan



Gender: Male
Species: Nemesis humanoid
First Appearance

Prince Demande is the leader of the Black Moon Clan who oversaw the large attack on Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character. In the English Dub, his name becomes Prince Diamond or simply as Diamond by his younger brother, Saphir.



He has silver hair and hazel eyes with the Black Moon mark on his forehead. He wears a white jacket and with a white crystal near the collar of his jacket.


30th Century

Prince Demande lead the Black Moon Clan to destroy Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century. Eventually, he shifted his attention to conquer the past, specifically 20th Century Tokyo.

Sailor Moon R

Demande first sent Rubeus into the past, but Rubeus was defeated by the Sailor Senshi, and destroyed along with his ship. Esmeraude was then sent into the past, but the Sailor Senshi kept foiling her plans. Esmeraude was in love with Prince Demande. After her death, Demande's younger brother Saphir found out that Wiseman was only using them for his own twisted goals, and attempted to warn him, but was killed by Wiseman.

Shortly after, Demande attempted to hypnotize Sailor Moon so he could rule the universe with her by his side as his queen, and was about to kiss her, but Tuxedo Mask comes and rescues her.

Later he hypnotizes Sailor Moon again and nearly succeeds in winning her, but then she remembers her friends, Mamoru and escapes Demande's hypnotic powers. She was able to warn him about Wiseman's deception. Enraged, he turns on him up learning that he had killed Saphir in trying to warn him about the treachery. When Wiseman directed two dark energy blades at Sailor Moon, Demande jumped in front of her and took the hit, and died as a result of this injury. However, he was able to damage Wiseman, shattering his arms, but Wiseman came back together. Before his death Demande was able to tell Sailor Moon his true feelings for her - he did love her as a person.


His dark moon symbol becomes a third eye, which is able to stun and control his victims. He is also able to fire powerful energy blasts from his hands.



Suprised Demande
Surprised Demande
Prince diamond
Prince Demande and Black Lady

Black Moon Clan
Nega Moon Symbol

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
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Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierCalaverasPetz
Droids Aquatici and VenetiHyuru Hyuru
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Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

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