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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
[[Category:Anime characters]]
[[Category:Anime characters]]

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Template:InfoboxCharacterThe Priest was a man who was the carrier of the Orange Rainbow Crystal and the reincarnation of one of the Seven Great Youma named Boxy. His real name is unknown. He was an anime-only character, and appeared in episode 26, and briefly in episode 41. It is unknown if he had any special powers like Crane Game Joe or Ryo Urawa. There was also a priest in acts 17 and 18 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon played by Victor Casale although he was not possessed. His appearance in PGSM and the anime are similar. 


Unlike the other Seven Great Youma, his Boxy form does not have attacks that relate to his real life persona/profession; all of the attacks were boxing based and had nothing to do with him being a priest. Boxy, however, does retain the Priest's hairstyle.


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