Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final
美少女戦士セーラームーン 火球王妃降臨


The Advent of Princess Kakyu 2nd Stage Final Poster
Japanese: 美少女戦士セーラームーン 火球王妃降臨


Romanji: Bishoujo Senshi Seraa Muun Kakyuu Koujo Kourin THE SECOND Suteeji FINAL
1st Performance: January 2, 2004
Final Performance: January 13, 2004
Number of Performances: 21
Stage: 2nd
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"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final" is the 27th Sera Myu musical. It was based on the Stars arc of the manga and 5th Season of the anime. Some fans consider musical a revised edition of the previous musical due to several plot and song changes.


The plot loosely follows the previous musical but with some additions and changes including the debut of Sailor Aluminum Siren. It also has a few similarities to the Eternal Legend musicals such as some of the songs from the musicals are incorporated into it.



Moon Kingdom


Shadow Galactica


Act 1

Act 2

Service Numbers

Actor Status

First Musical

  • Moe Oosaki

Only Musical

  • Anri Onuki

Last Musical

  • Momoko Shibuya
  • Asako Uchida
  • Tomoko Inami
  • Yuuko Hosaka
  • Yui Iizuka
  • Mina Horita
  • Chinatsu Akiyama
  • Mikako Tabe
  • Akiko Miyazawa



  • The Advent of Princess Kakyuu follows more closely to the Stars season of the anime than the Stars arc of the manga.
    • For example, Chibi Chibi is Galaxia's star seed and Galaxia sealed Chaos inside her. Instead of Chibi Chibi being Sailor Cosmos and Galaxia just being evil alone.
    • However, the musical includes the Galaxy Cauldron and Sailor Graveyard, which are only in the manga.
    • The deaths of the Sailor Senshi were more similar to the anime too, with all the inner Sailor Sanshi dying at once, and Uranus and Neptune betraying the Outer Senshi.
  • This is the only instance in any version of Sailor Moon where the Sailor Animamates don't die but are instead healed by Sailor Moon along with Galaxia and Queen Beryl.
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