Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final
美少女戦士セーラームーン 火球王妃降臨

Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Kakyū Ōhi Kōrin - THE SECOND STAGE FINAL

The Advent of Princess Kakyu 2nd Stage Final Poster
First Performance

January 2, 2004

Final Performance

January 13, 2004

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final was the 27th Sera Myu musical. It was based on the Stars arc of the manga and 5th Season of the anime.


Part 1 begins with an overture showing Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto with Prince Endymion and the Shitennou. The Shitennou and Prince Endymion are then attacks by the Sailor Animamates who are corrupted by Chaos (as seen by their black costumes). The Shitennou, Animamates and Sailor Pluto leave the stage as Sailor Moon and Prince Endymion sing NEW Double Moonlight Romance, Sailor Chibi Moon joins in half way through the song.

The stage then darkens and transitions to Minako, Rei, Ami and Makoto singing The Deadline of Youth. Half way through the song Hotaru joins in and later Usagi and Chibiusa join, looking for Mamoru and complaining how slow he is compared to Haruka. After the song Mamoru and Haruka argue about their bikes, Minako interrupts by asking when the Three Lights are going to arrive. Minako, Usagi and Makoto fan-girl over them and fantasize that they're going to be in the same school.

Suddenly, something appears to fall from the sky and Setsuna runs on saying a kid took her Garnet Orb. Mamoru catches the kid, who falls from the sky and Chibiusa apparantly know her 'chibi' language. The child says Mamoru's name Usagi questions whether the child (Chibi Chibi) knows him and she suddenly talks saying the universe is something. But she is interrupted by the entrance of the Neo Shitennou and the song Enter the Jewel Managers. They all introduce themselves in the song and straight after Dancing Mistress starts which is sung by the Sailor Animamates in disguise as an international dancing team: Dancing Anima-Mates.

Straight after, the song See Me, It's Our Era is sung by the Three Lights. After the song finishes, Minako, Makoto and Usagi fan-girl over the group once more. Haruka and Michiru shake the hands of Seiya and Taiki and both feel the energy of stars. The Three Lights are then asked to leave by Luka Knight and Mamoru jokingly tells Usagi that if she leaves to go find them, he'll break up with her immediately. Kun Saito approaches Mamoru and asks him if he's going to become a doctor and mentions it being Mamoru's dream since he was a child. Kun urges Mamoru to fulfill his dream and leaves.

Hotaru and Mamoru then spot an old guitar that's similar to the one in his hospital room when he was a child. Hotaru urges Mamoru to play it and Chibi Chibi enters with Setsuna following behind. Setsuna remarks she's a strange child and asks if she's a parrot, Chibi Chibi replies by asking if she's an old woman (her age being a running joke in the musicals), she then asks Mamoru to play a song of the planet and he plays the song: The Poet of the Wind. Half way through the song, a mysterious figure (unknown to be Queen Beryl) joins in and reminisces a day when stars fell, the sky went dark, and morning never came. Usagi arrives and Beryl's henchmen attempt to attack her, Hotaru, Mamoru and Chibi Chibi. A clicking is heard and the Sailor Starlights appear and attack the enemies with Star Serious Laser. Beryl and her henchmen flee and the Starlights tell Mamoru that if he dies, so will the earth.

The other girls arrive and tell Usagi and co. they felt a strong energy, they then conclude that's it dangerous to be alone and the enemies were after Mamoru and Hotaru. A janitor arrives with a comical puppet on his mop and tells the group to solve the mystery, Setsuna says how Chibi Chibi made Mamoru play the song which caused Beryl to appear and she dropped a pendant. Hotaru jokes that the woman sang better than Mamoru and the janitor keeps trying to get the groups attention. The janitor, who is Hemahachiro Taito, tells the group about a rumor of a mysterious phantom, with Michiru asking if it was an opera ghost (referencing the Phantom of the Opera). Luka Knight appears and says that the pendant was dropped by him and its a Chrysoberyl.

Miss Butterfly and Chuu rat then run in and shout about a ghost in the waiting room, Manila Karasu then comes in and faints with Half-Bird following shouting about the ghost as well. A shadow appears above the group and they start the song: Excite a Ghost Mystery.

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Sailor Senshi

Shadow Galactica


Service Numbers

Actor Status

First Musical

  • Moe Oosaki

Only Musical

  • Anri Onuki

Last Musical

  • Momoko Shibuya
  • Asako Uchida
  • Tomoko Inami
  • Yuuko Hosaka
  • Yui Iizuka
  • Mina Horita
  • Chinatsu Akiyama
  • Mikako Tabe
  • Akiko Miyazawa


  • The Advent of Princess Kakyuu follows more closely to the the Stars season of the anime than the Stars arc of the manga.
    • For example, Chibi Chibi is Galaxia's starseed and Galaxia sealed Chaos inside her. Instead of Chibi Chibi being Sailor Cosmos and Galaxia just being evil alone.
    • However, the musical includes the Galaxy Cauldron and Sailor Graveyard, which are only in the manga.
    • The deaths of the Sailor Senshi were more similar to the anime too, with all the inner senshi dying at once, and Uranus and Neptune betraying the Outer Senshi.
  • This is the only instance in any version of Sailor Moon where the Sailor Animamates don't die, but are instead healed by Sailor Moon along with Galaxia and Queen Beryl.


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