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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Spin-off – The Dark Kingdom Resurrection Chapter (Revised Edition)
美少女戦士セーラームーン外伝ダーク・キングダム復活篇 (改訂版)
Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun Gaiden Daaku Kingudamu Fukkatsu-hen (Kaiteiban)
Dark Kingdom Revival Revision (
First Performance

December 23, 1993

Final Performance

January 5, 1994

# of Performances

35 (30-64)



Previous Musical

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Spin-off – The Dark Kingdom Resurrection Chapter

Next Musical

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Super Spring Festival

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Spin-off – The Dark Kingdom Resurrection Chapter (Revised Edition) is the second Sera Myu musical.


Its plot is essentially the same as the original musical, dealing with the Inner Sailor Senshi and their battle against the revived Dark Kingdom. It featured a few small changes to plot elements, songs, and the cast, with new actors playing Tuxedo Mask, Haruna Sakurada, Kunzite, Zoisite, and the DD Girls.



  • Director / Dramatization - Jou Nobushi
  • Script Writer - Sukehiro Tomita
  • Musical Director / Composer / Arranger - Gouji Tsuno
  • Musical Composer / Arranger - Akiko Kosaka
  • Musical Arranger - Yuuzou Hayashi
  • Lyricist - Kayoko Fuyumori
  • Choreographer - Akiko Yanagi
  • Lighting - Jirou Katsushiba
  • Costume Designer - Miyako Kishiku
  • Set Designer - Rumi Matsui
  • Action Instructor - Kazuyoshi Yamada
  • Hair and Make-Up Artist - Misao Yamada
  • Sound - Satoshi Kogawa
  • Stage Director - Noriyoshi Nakayama
  • Production Manager - Kiyotaka Kobayashi
  • General Producer - Makoto Yamashina
  • Executive Producer - Ryuutarou Saitou
  • Chief Producer - Kouji Ino
  • Producer - Masaharu Saiki
  • Production Supervisor - Yasushi Abe



All 35 performances were held at the Tokyo Dome Prism Hall in Tokyo, Japan. 

Actor Status

First Musical

  • Kiho Seisa
  • Ryuuji Kasahara
  • Mazukazu Idono
  • Yuriko Nishiyama
  • Kaori Ishikawa
  • Ai Suzuki

Only Musical

  • Toyoe Sekita

Last Musical

  • Tomoko Ishimura
  • Keiji Himeno
  • Susumu Nihashi
  • Toshikazu Seike


  • This is marks the first time that a Sailor Moon musical has ever been revised.
  • This is the first musical to not released on video.


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