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"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Last Dracul Final Chapter - The Seal of The Super Planet Death Vulcan" is the 4th musical of the 2nd stage, the 4th and final musical of the Dracul arc series, and the 20th Sera Myu musical overall.


Dark Cain and Death Vulcan are finally together. Usagi must hurry and stop this deadly team before they try to destroy everything. But the problem is the planet Vulcan is split into two parts: a light and dark side. Can Usagi destroy a planet that only wants to become a whole? With her unlikely companions, she must travel to Vulcan and save the Sailor Guardians who have been captured. Can the Silver Crystal save everything?



Moon Kingdom

Death Vulcan


Last Dracul Final Chapter

  1. The Last Change
  2. Wake Up Shining
  3. Heretic Double Star
  4. The Earth! We Won’t Forgive a Crisis
  5. Ode of the Dark
  6. The Last Change
  7. Give Your Neck Out
  8. 21st Century ~ We Can’t Be The Guardians of Love Forever
  9. FIRE
  10. Sanctuary of the Galaxy

Super Revue Musical Show

  1. Prologue
  2. Traditional the Grace ~Storm of Love~
  3. Drive Me The Mercury
  4. Zigzag Slash
  5. The Messenger of Flame
  6. The Strategy of the Female Pirate
  7. Chasin' After You
  8. Miracle Twister
  9. Bundle The Hearts, Makin’ For The Right
  10. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Nonstop Medley
  11. Finale
  12. Stare at Me

Actor Status

First Musical

  • Megumi Yoshida

Last Musical

  • Miyuki Kanbe
  • Yuriko Hayashi
  • Mario Tomioka
  • Kasumi Takabatake
  • Hidemasa Edo
  • Yuuta Mochizuki