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美少女戦士セーラームーン 決戦 /トランシルバニアの森 ~新登場! ちびムーンを護る戦士達~
Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun Kessen / Toranshirubania no Mori ~ Shin Toujou! Chibi Muun o Mamoru Senshi-Tachi ~
1st Performance: August 6, 2000
Final Performance: September 4, 2000
Number of Performances: 37
Stage: Second
Previous: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ New/Transformation - The Road to Become the Super Sailor Guardians - Overture of Last Dracul
Next: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Decisive Battle / The Forest of Transylvania (Revised Edition) - The Enigma of the Ultimate Enemy, Dark Cain

"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~  Decisive Battle / The Forest of Transylvania – A New Arrival! The Guardians Who Protect Chibi Moon" is the 5th musical of the 2nd stage, the 18th Sera Myu musical overall and 2nd musical of the Dracul arc. This musical is the sequel to the previous musical.



Moon Kingdom

Death Vulcan


  1. Overture
  2. Millennium - We Can't Be The Guardians of Love Forever
  3. Image De Mon Père
  4. Never Doubt Your Dreams
  5. Set Me Free ~ Euro - The Unforgettable Summer Vacation ~
  6. Our Lady of the Dark
  7. The Messenger of Flame
  8. All Of You Shall Die
  9. Bundle The Hearts・Watchin’ On The Sight
  10. Zigzag Slash
  11. The Dreaming Forest's Dream of Dreams
  12. Here Comes the Tuxedo Mask
  13. Encounter ~ Lilith and Astarte
  14. Set Me Free ~ Eyes to the Universe
  15. Keep Watching Over Me
  16. Guoul Guoul Guoula
  17. The Time of Lonely Sorrow
  18. The Last Change
  19. Guoul Guoul Guoula ~Sabato Hen~
  20. Sailor War
  21. Millennium - We Can't Be The Guardians of Love Forever
  22. We'll Be The Last Victory
  23. FIRE

Service Numbers

  1. La Moon (1 Chorus)
  2. La Soldier (1 Chorus)

Actor Status

First Musical

  • Yuuko Hosaka
  • Mario Tomioka
  • Miho Suzuki
  • Aya Hosoda

Last Musical

  • Emi Kuriyama

Only Musical

  • Mariya Izawa
  • Yuki Nakamura
  • Arisu Izawa
  • Kurumi Nishijima
  • Hitomi Tomashino
  • Shiori Eguchi
  • Miki Matsuoka



  • As the Koshiki points out for the first time in Sera Myu, the music was recorded outside of Japan. For this musical, it was recorded in Moscow, Russia.
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