Disc 7 Cover

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Series - Memorial Box Disc 7 is the 7th Disc of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box.

The seventh disc covered more music from the final season. It included instrumental version to seven songs from the final season as well. The last track was a bonus track.

Track List

# Song Title Song Version
1 "Todokanu Omoi - My Friend's Love" Instrumental Version mono
2 "Where is that person...?" M639, M635, M640
3 "Seiya, Taiki, Yaten" M636, M637, M638
4 "Campus Idols" M633
5 "Minako's Ambition" M653, M653B, M654
6 "Ai no Megami no How to Love" Instrumental Version
7 "Seiya's Memories" M641
8 "A Galaxy of Difference: One-Sided Love" Orgel Version mono
9 "Sailor Stars Eyecatch Music" M609
10 "Ginga TV's strategy" M646, M644
11 "Take the Star Seed" M657, M649
12 "Phage comes attacking" M647, M651, M656
13 "Star Power, Make Up!" M634
14 "Sailor Starlights Appear" M632
15 "Flame Sniper" Instrumental Version
16 "We Believe You" Instrumental Version
17 "Elegant Eternal Sailor Moon" M624, M625, M627, M659, M626, M660
18 "Chibi-chibi" M662, M662B, M663B, M663, M661
19 "Sailor Moon Christmas" Instrumental Version
20 "Extreme Evil" M650
21 "Determination" M652
22 "Extreme Love" M628, M642
23 "Peace" M629
24 "I Believe in Love" Instrumental Version
25 "Sailor Star Song" Band Version
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