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*[[La Soldier]]
*[[La Soldier]]
==Actor Status==
==Actor Status==
===First Musical===
*Emika Satou
*Kanatsu Nakaya
*Hiroko Tahara
*Sayuri Katayama
*Momoko Okuyama
*Saori Sara
===Last Musical===
*Tamaki Dia Shirai
*Kaori Ishikawa

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This page is about the musical. For the anime season, please see Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

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Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sērā Sutāzu
1st Performance: August 5, 1996
Final Performance: August 30, 1996
Number of Performances: 43 (270-312)
Stage: First
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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is the 10th Sera Myu musical.




Actor Status

First Musical

  • Emika Satou
  • Kanatsu Nakaya
  • Hiroko Tahara
  • Sayuri Katayama
  • Momoko Okuyama
  • Saori Sara

Last Musical

  • Tamaki Dia Shirai
  • Kaori Ishikawa



The pamphlet for the musical.
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