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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor Moon For The First Time in English (美少女戦士セーラームーンS: セーラームーン  と はじめて の えいご/Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor Moon to Hajimete no Eigo) is a video game released for the Playdia by Bandai in 1995.
Video Game Cover

Video game cover.


The game is based on the SuperS season of the anime. As the name suggests, it teaches children English.


Lesson 1 With Usagi

Chibusa is at home with Usagi. Minigames in this lesson are:

  • Dressing Usagi for Winter
  • Guessing what part of the body out of 4 possible options is in the insert picture

Lesson 2 With Ami

Ami invites Chibiusa into town. At the end they see Gurio in the hospital. Minigames in this lesson are:

  • Guessing which flower is being spoken out of 6 possible options.


Title screen
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