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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (anime season)





March 9, 1996


February 8, 1997

Season Chronology
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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sērā Sutāzu), (commonly reffered to as just Sailor Stars) is the fifth and final season in the Sailor Moon metastases and covers the final thirty-four episodes of the anime series.

The season's first six episodes (Episodes 167-172) continue where the story left off in the fourth season, regarding the fate of Queen Nehelenia, and it then revolves around Sailor Galaxia and her quest to take Star Seeds from humans and other Sailor Guardians in order to rule the galaxy as the strongest and most powerful Sailor Guardian in the entire Milky Way galaxy.

The series made a number of changes from the previous ones, including Sailor Moon and the four Inner Sailor Guardians finally advancing to high school and introducing the Sailor Guardians from outside the Solar System. The Outer Solar System Senshi returned following their inadvertent absence from the fourth season. The show also had a new introduction with the Sailor Star Song, changing from the Moonlight Legend song that had been used for the previous four seasons.

All four Outer Sailor Guardians appear as recurring characters in their evolved Super Sailor forms (given to them by Sailor Saturn herself), but are never actually seen transforming on screen, despite being seen alone on several occasions.

This series was not dubbed during the original run of the English dub around the mid-2000s, because the license for this season was cut off by Toei Animation from being distributed anywhere outside Japan; a common misconception was that it was because of the genderbending nature of the Sailor Starlights, which wouldn't get past American censors due to possibly promoting transgender and homosexual themes.

Viz Media acquired the rights to adaptation for all the anime's seasons in 2014; the first part of the English dubbed version was released on DVD in June 18, 2019.

Episode List

Ep. # Episode Title Original Air-date
167 "The Flower of Nightmares Scatters: The Queen of Darkness Returns" March 9, 1996
168 "Saturn Awakens: the Ten Sailor Guardians Unite" March 23, 1996
169 "Cursed Evil Mirror! Mamoru, Trapped in a Nightmare" April 13, 1996
170 "The Destined Night! The Agony of the Sailor Senshi" April 20, 1996
171 "For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Evil World" April 27, 1996
172 "The Power of Moon Love! The Nightmare Ends" May 4, 1996
173 "Farewells and Encounters: the Transitioning Stars of Destiny" May 11, 1996
174 "A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols" May 18, 1996
175 "Becoming an Idol: Minako’s Ambition" May 25, 1996
176 "Fighter's Secret Identity: the Shocking Super Transformation" June 8, 1996
177 "Entrusting Dreams and Romance to the Stars! Taiki's Transformation" June 15, 1996
178 "Luna's Discovery: The Real Face of Yaten" June 22, 1996
179 "Friend or Foe? Starlights and the Sailor Guardians" June 29, 1996
180 "The Brightness of the Calling Stars! Haruka and Company Into the Battle" July 13, 1996
181 "Seiya and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date" July 20, 1996
182 "Invaders from Outer Space: The Coming of Siren" August 3, 1996
183 "The Screaming Dead: Terror of the Camp Monster" August 10, 1996
184 "A Night Alone Together: Usagi in Danger" August 17, 1996
185 "Taiki Sings With Excellence! A Believing Heart Carried by a Song" August 31, 1996
186 "Chibi Chibi's Mystery: The Big Noisy Chase" September 7, 1996
187 "The Shining Power of a Star: Chibi-Chibi's Transformation" September 14, 1996
188 "An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight" October 12, 1996
189 "Torn Between Duty and Friendship! Confrontation Among Sailor Senshi" October 19, 1996
190 "The Screaming Dead: Terror of the Camp Monster" October 26, 1996
191 "When a Light Butterfly Dances in the Air! Premonition of a New Wave" November 9, 1996
192 "Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born" November 16, 1996
193 "The Stolen Silver Crystal: Princess Kakyuu Appears" November 30, 1996
194 "Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend" December 7, 1996
195 "Princess Kakyuu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia" December 14, 1996
196 "Countdown to Destruction: the Sailor Guardians' Last Battle" January 11, 1997
197 "Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat" January 18, 1997
198 "Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune" January 25, 1997
199 "The Light of Hope: Final Battle for the Galaxy" February 1, 1997
200 "Usagi's Love: The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy" February 8, 1997


  • The start of the opening of Sailor Moon Crystal (Seasons 1 & 2) was very similar to that of the Sailor Stars opening.
  • After it was not been dubbed by the CWi English Dub in 18 years, this marks the first time being dubbed by the Viz Media English dub after they redubbed the previous seasons from Sailor Moon through Sailor Moon SuperS.

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