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Template:InfoboxMusicalPretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Petite Étrangère ~ is an upcoming Sera Myu musical. It will focus on the Black Moon arc and it will feature Sailor Pluto , Chibiusa , and Black Lady.

Unlike La Reconquista, the musical will be performed at both Tokyo and Osaka. The performances in Tokyo will take place at the AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, while the performances in Osaka will take place at the Umeda Arts Theater and Theater Drama City.

Once again, Takuya Hiramitsu will be writing and directing the musical, and Toshihiko Sahashi will be responsible for the music.



All Inner Senshi + Tuxedo Mask cast list



Actresses Status

First Musical

  • Momoyo Koyama


  • The title for the musical is based off of the title for Act 14 of the manga, which was "Act 14 - Conclusion and Commencement, Petite Étrangere". This act was notable for ending the Dark Kingdom arc and having Chibiusa make her first appearance.
  • "Petite Étrangère" means "Little Stranger" in French.
  • All of the main cast from La Reconquista have gone on to reprise their roles, with Miyabi Maatsura being an exception.




Satomi as Sailor Moon
Momoyo as Sailor Mercury
Kanon as Sailor Mars
Yuu as Sailor Jupiter
Shiori as Sailor Venus
Yuga as Tuxedo Mask
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