Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Petite Étrangère ~
美少女戦士セーラームーン ~ Petite Étrangère ~
Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn ~ Petite Étrangère ~
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First Performance

Tokyo: August 21st
Osaka: September 5th
Shanghai: January 2015

Final Performance

Tokyo: August 31st
Osaka: September 7th



Previous Musical

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista

Next Musical

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Un Nouveau Voyage ~

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Petite Étrangère ~ is the 31st Sailor Moon musical. It focused on the Black Moon arc and it featured Sailor Pluto , Chibiusa , and Black Lady.

Unlike La Reconquista, the musical was performed at both Tokyo and Osaka. The performances in Tokyo took place at the AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, while the performances in Osaka took place at the Umeda Arts Theater and Theater Drama City.

Once again, Takuya Hiramitsu wrote and directed the musical, and Toshihiko Sahashi was responsible for the music.

Tickets went on sale on June 3rd. They had cost 6,800 yen each (about $66 in U.S. currency).[1] Advance tickets were on sale on July 6th.

On June 21, it was announced that the six main cast members of the musical would appear at the Japan Expo in France on July 5th. There, they hosted a talk show, a mini live, and photo sessions.[2]

A commercial for the musical was revealed on July 5th.[3]

On August 21st, the official Sailor Moon website announced that the musical will be shown in Shanghai starting in January 2015. This would make Petite Étrangère the first Sailor Moon musical to be shown overseas.[4]



Petite Entrangere Side Images
All Inner Senshi + Tuxedo Mask cast list


Performance Schedule

Times 8/21 8/22 8/23 8/24 8/25 8/26 8/27 8/28 8/29 8/30 8/31 9/5 9/6 9/7
12:00 X X X X
1:30 X X
5:00 X X X X
6:30 X X X X X X X X X X



Act 1

Act 2

Actresses Status

First Musical


PGSM Petite Etrangere Book
The musical's guide book.
Petite Etrangere Penlight
The penlights were sold for ¥1,800.
Petite Etrangere Phone Cases
The iPhone 5/5s cases were sold for ¥2,100 each.
Petite Etrangere Clear File
The clear files were sold in a set of 2 for ¥700.
Chibi Moon Tumbler
The Sailor Chibi Moon Tumbler was sold for ¥1,000.
Time Key Tumbler
The tumbler with the musical's motif was sold for ¥1,000.




PE Poster
PE Visual Senshi
PE Visual TM
Petite Etrange Logo
Official logo



Satomi Moon Petite Entranger
Satomi as Sailor Moon
Momoyo Mercury Petite Entranger
Momoyo as Sailor Mercury
Kanon Mars Petite Entranger
Kanon as Sailor Mars
Yuu Jupiter Petite Entranger
Yuu as Sailor Jupiter
Shiori Venus Petite Entranger
Shiori as Sailor Venus
Kokoro Chibi
Kokoro as Sailor Chibi Moon
Airi Chibi
Airi as Sailor Chibi Moon
Mieko Pluto
Mikako as Sailor Pluto
Yuga Mask Petite Entranger
Yuga as Tuxedo Mask
Erika Demande
Erika as Prince Demande
Sora Saphir
Sora as Saphir
Riona Rubeus
Riona as Rubeus
Mitsumi Esmeraude
Mitsumi as Esmeraude
Yui Black Lady
Yui as Black Lady


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