Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Amour Eternal –
美少女戦士セーラームーン -Amour Eternal-(アムール エターナル)
Amour Eternal1
Japanese: 美少女戦士セーラームーン -Amour Eternal-(アムール エターナル)
Romanji: Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun - Amour Eternal - (Amuuru Etaanaru)
1st Performance: October 15, 2016 (Tokyo)
Final Performance: November 6, 2016 (Osaka)
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"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Amour Eternal –" is a Sailor Moon musical that was released on October 15th, 2016. It is the 4th musical from Nelke Planning and the 33rd musical overall.


The plot is based on the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga


Moon Kingdom

Dead Moon Circus


Changes from the Manga


Musical Numbers

  1. Speed of Light
  2. Maiden Dreams
  3. Viva, Viva Dead Moon Circus
  4. Profoundness of Darkness – The Abyss of Darkness
  5. A Flower Garden in the Mind
  6. Line Up!! Five Ladies of the White Moon
  7. When Destiny Calls
  8. Double Encouragement
  9. Time of Awakening
  10. Inner Venus
  11. Gathering - Where Dreams Gather
  12. Satellite in Love
  13. Feelings for Helios
  14. Music of the Spheres
  15. Nehellenia's Curse
  16. Changing Fate
  17. Amour Eternal - Speed of Light
  18. Starshine of Love

Service Numbers

  1. Music of the Spheres
  2. Arrived!! Tuxedo Mask!
  3. Moonlight Legend

Actor Status

1st Musical

  • Hotaru Nomoto
  • Yume Takeuchi
  • Karen Kobayashi
  • Kaede
  • Rimo Hasegawa

Last Musical

  • Karin Takahashi



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