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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn

Magical girl, Tokusatsu

Created by

Naoko Takeuchi

Written by

Yasuko Kobayashi‏‎

Directed by

Ryuta Tasaki
Masataka Takamaru
Kenzo Maihara
Nobuhiro Suzuki
Takemitsu Ishida

Opening Theme

"Glittering☆Sailor Dream!" by Sae


Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting

Original run

October 4, 2003 – September 25, 2004

# of Episodes

49 + 2 specials + Concert


Shinya Maruyama
Yūma Sakada
Shinichirō Shirakura
Takeyuki Okazaki (chief)
Toshiyuki Takezawa (chief)
Kōichi Yada

Running time

24-25 minutes (per episode)

Production Company

Toei Company

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (commonly known as PGSM) is a live-action reinterpretation of Sailor Moon. It follows the Dark Kingdom arc of the franchise, with the awakening of the four Inner Senshi. The show ran from 2003 to 2004, consisting of 49 episodes, a sequel (that takes place four years later), a prequel (detailing the origins of Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask), and a "making of" special.

Changes Made in Canon

Some differences between Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the other incarnations of the metaseries include:

  • Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus don't have their colored hair until they transform.
  • Minako Aino is a pop idol, rather than being a normal schoolgirl like the other Senshi (who dreams of becoming an idol in the manga and anime). She is also more serious and strict than in the other incarnations where she is cheerful and funny.
  • The Game Center Crown has become a karaoke parlour.
  • Motoki changes from an attractive, suave, character to a socially awkward but loveable turtle fan.
  • Luna and Artemis are plush toys rather than real cats.
  • Luna also becomes a Sailor Senshi, known as Sailor Luna, more or less taking the place of Chibiusa Tsukino / Sailor Chibi Moon (manga) (Artemis never takes human form).
  • Mio Kuroki is a younger, shadow version of Queen Beryl that only appeared in the live action version, whereas she never appeared in the metaseries. She was the only one who Minako mistrusted because of her intent to cause pain to Usagi and later Rei saw her for who she was.
  • Sailor Mercury turns evil and becomes Dark Mercury which never occurs in the anime. However, Tuxedo Mask also becomes evil in the ending acts of the Live Action.
  • Sailor Moon has an upgraded form, known as Princess Sailor Moon. However, Princess Serenity had full control of it, causing an internal conflict between her and Usagi for the rest of the series.
  • When Luna becomes a human it shows that she is a child instead of an adult.
  • Only two people die in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask ( when being killed by Kunzite in act 25) and Minako Aino ( when she died in a surgery in act 47)


Episode guide

TV episodes
Act # Episode title Air date
Act.1 "I am Sailor Moon!"

"Watashi ga Sērā Mūn!"(わたしがセーラームーン!)

October 4, 2003
Act.2 "Ami Became a Friend"

"Ami-chan ga Nakama ni Natta wa"(亜美ちゃんが仲間になったわ)

October 11, 2003
Act.3 "The Third Senshi is Miko Rei"

"Sanninme no Senshi wa Miko no Rei-chan"(三人目の戦士はみこのレイちゃん)

October 18, 2003
Act.4 "Sneaking Into the Party!"

"Pātī ni Sennyū yo!"(パーティーに潜入よ!)

October 25, 2003
Act.5 "Is Usagi a True Friend?"

"Usagi-chan wa Hontō no Tomodachi?"(うさぎちゃんは本当の友達?)

November 1, 2003
Act.6 "The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter"

"Tenkōsei wa Sērā Jupitā"(転校生はセーラージュピター)

November 8, 2003
Act.7 "He Saw Me Transforming!"

"Henshin suru no o Mirare chatta!"(変身するのをみられちゃった!)

November 15, 2003
Act.8 "Rei and Her Father"

"Rei to Otōsan"(レイとお父さん)

November 22, 2003
Act.9 "I'll Protect the Illusion Silver Crystal"

"Mamore! Maboroshi no Ginzuishō"(守れ!幻の銀水晶)

November 29, 2003
Act.10 "I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness"

"Warawa ga Yami no Joō Kuin Beriru"(わらわが闇の女王クイン·ベリル)

December 6, 2003
Act.11 "We Got to Meet the Real Minako!"

"Honmono no Minako-chan ni Acchatta!"(本物の美奈子ちゃんに会っちゃった!)

December 13, 2003
Act.12 "Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!"

"Sērā Bui no Shōtai wa Purinsesu datta no!"(セーラーVの正体はプリンセスだったの!)

December 20, 2003
Act.13 "The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears"

"Shitennō Saigo no Hitori Kuntsaito Arawaru"(四天王最後の一人クンツァイトあらわる)

December 27, 2003
Act.14 "Usagi is Turning into a Youma?"

"Usagi ga Yōma ni?"(うさぎが妖魔に?)

January 10, 2004
Act.15 "I'll Punish the Thief!"

"Dorobō o Oshioki yo!"(どろぼうをおしおきよ!)

January 17, 2004
Act.16 "I Must Save Naru!"

"Ōsaka-san o Tasuke nakya!"(大阪さんをたすけなきゃ!)

January 24, 2004
Act.17 "Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!"

"Rei no Me no Maede Minako ga Henshin!"(レイのめのまえで美奈子が変身!)

January 31, 2004
Act.18 "At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together"

"Tsuini Sorotta Gonin no Sērā Senshi"(ついにそろった5人のセーラー戦士)

February 7, 2004
Act.19 "Usagi's Nervous Valentine"

"Usagi no Dokidoki Barentain"(うさぎのドキドキバレンタイン)

February 14, 2004
Act.20 "Hina was Mamoru's Fiancée..."

"Hina-san wa Mamoru no Konyakusha datta no..."(陽菜さんは衛の婚約者だったの...)

February 21, 2004
Act.21 "What Did You Do to Ami!"

"Ami-chan ni Nani o Shita?!"(亜美ちゃんになにをした?!)

February 28, 2004
Act.22 "Ami Becomes an Enemy"

"Ami-chan ga Teki no te ni"(亜美ちゃんが敵のてに...)

March 6, 2004
Act.23 "In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings"

"Senshi no Chikara o Mezamesaserutame, Utau Rei"(戦士の力を目覚めさせるため、うたうレイ)

March 13, 2004
Act.24 "I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All"

"Yappari Chiba Mamoru no Koto ga Wasurerarenai no"(やっぱり地場衛のことがわすれられないの)

March 20, 2004
Act.25 "So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba..."

"Takishīdo Kamen no Shōtai ga Chiba Mamoru datta nante..."(タキシード仮面の正体が地場衛だったなんて...)

March 27, 2004
Act.26 "Usagi is the Real Princess!"

"Usagi-chan ga Hontō no Purinsesu!"(うさぎちゃんが本当のプリンセス!)

April 3, 2004
Act.27 "Luna Became a Sailor Senshi!"

"Runa ga Sērā Senshi ni Natchatta!"(ルナがセーラー戦士になっちゃった!)

April 17, 2004
Act.28 "Welcome Back, Ami!"

"Ami-chan Okaeri!"(亜美ちゃんおかえり!)

April 24, 2004
Act.29 "Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student?"

"Minako no Raibaru, Kuroki Mio ga Tenkōsei?"(美奈子のライバル、黒木ミオが転校生?)

May 1, 2004
Act.30 "Mio Deceives Usagi"

"Usagi o Damasō to suru Mio"(うさぎをだまそうとするミオ)

May 8, 2004
Act.31 "Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!"

"Jupitā ga Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta!"(ジュピターが戦士の力に目覚めた!)

May 15, 2004
Act.32 "Mamoru Came Back"

"Kaettekita Mamoru"(かえってきた衛)

May 22, 2004
Act.33 "Ami is Changing Schools?"

"Ami-chan ga Tenkō?"(亜美ちゃんが転校?)

May 29, 2004
Act.34 "A Mother-and-Daughter Talk"

"Hanashiau Oyako"(はなしあう親子)

June 5, 2004
Act.35 "Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?"

"Sērā Vīnasu to Zoisaito ga Kyōryoku?"(セーラーヴィーナスとゾイサイトが協力?)

June 12, 2004
Act.36 "Princess Sailor Moon Appears!"

"Purinsesu Sērā Mūn Tōjō!"(プリンセス·セーラームーン登場!)

June 19, 2004
Act.37 "The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?"

"Purinsesu ga Wazawai o Okasu!?"(プリンセスがわざわいをおこす!?)

June 26, 2004
Act.38 "Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!"

"Shinjite! Zettai, Hoshi wa Horobinai!"(信じて!ぜったい、星はほろびない!!)

July 3, 2004
Act.39 "Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter!"

"Usagi-chan no Mama ga Repōtā ni Chōsen!"(うさぎちゃんのママがレポーターにちょうせん!)

July 10, 2004
Act.40 "Minako vs Rei, Where's the Battle?"

"Minako buiesu Rei Baturo no Yukue wa?"(美奈子VSレイ バトルのゆくえは?)

July 17, 2004
Act.41 "Actually, I'm a Senshi!"

"Jitsu wa Senshi nano!"(じつは戦士なの!)

July 24, 2004
Act.42 "I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!"

"Maboroshi no Ginzuishō no Chikara wa Tsukawanai!"(幻の銀水晶の力はつかわない!)

July 31, 2004
Act.43 "Usagi and Mamoru's Promise"

"Usagi to Mamoru no Yakusoku"(うさぎと衛の約束)

August 7, 2004
Act.44 "Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone"

"Ishi ni Modotta Zoisaito"(石にもどったゾイサイト)

August 14, 2004
Act.45 "Youma Metalia's Violent Attack"

"Metaria Yōma no Hageshii Kōgeki"(メタリア妖魔のはげしい攻撃)

August 21, 2004
Act.46 "Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers"

"Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta Sērā Vīnasu"(戦士の力にめざめたセーラーヴィーナス)

August 28, 2004
Act.47 "Goodbye, Minako"

"Sayōnara, Minako"(さようなら、美奈子)

September 4, 2004
Act.48 "Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!"

"Mamoru ga Metaria ni Nottorareta!"(衛がメタリアにのっとられた!)

September 18, 2004
Act.49, Finale Act "The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives"

"Zensei o Norikoeta Gonin no Senshi-tachi"(前世をのりこえた5人の戦士たち)

September 25, 2004
Act title Release date
Special Act "We're Getting Married!!"

"Watashi-tachi Kekkon Shimasu!!"(わたしたち結婚します!!)

November 24, 2004
Act.ZERO "The Birth of Sailor V"

"Sērā Bui Tanjō"(セーラーV誕生)

March 25, 2005
Act.ZERO "Hina Afterward"

"Hina... Sonogo"(陽菜...その後)

March 25, 2005
Act.ZERO "Tuxedo Mask's Secret Birth"

"Takishīdo Kamen Tanjō no Himitsu"(タキシード仮面 誕生の秘密)

March 25, 2005


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