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Japanese: プー子
Romanji: Puu-ko

Dead Moon Circus

Species: Lemures
Master: Tiger's Eye
Objective: To fight Sailor Moon
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation
First Appearance
Anime: The Perfect Couple: Usagi and Mamoru's Love
Anime Voiced By: Yuri Amano (Japanese)

Pooko is a Lemures sent by Tiger's Eye to fight Super Sailor Moon. She has the appearance of a humanoid balloon, and is completely round when fully inflated, and suffocates her victims. She appeared in Episode 5 of Sailor Moon SuperS.


When Tiger's Eye targeted Saori to look for Pegasus in her dreams, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon came to stop him, so he summoned Pooko to kill them. Pooko tried to suffocate Sailor Chibi Moon, but was thrown off her by Super Sailor Moon, and then went after Mamoru, but Super Sailor Moon jumped in front of him and was nearly suffocated, when Mamoru stabbed her with a knife that Tiger's Eye had earlier used to pin him to the ground. Pooko was deflated because of this. Super Sailor Chibi Moon then summoned Pegasus with Twinkle Yell, and Super Sailor Moon destroyed Pooko with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Pooko has a cousin named Gomumario, who resembles a beachball and a sister named Elephanko.


Dead Moon Circus
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