Pink Moon Crystal
M pinkmooncrystal
Japanese: ピンクムーンクリスタル
Romanji: Pinku Muun Kurisutaru
User(s): Chibiusa Tuskino
Used For: Transforming into Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon
First Appearance
Manga: Act 49 Dream 11 - Earth and Moon Dream

The "Pink Moon Crystal" is the much more powerfully evolved form of Chibiusa Tuskino's very own Sailor Crystal.

This is not a different version of the Silver Crystal itself. This was born of Chibiusa's tear when Sailor Pluto had "died." Usagi Tsukino, as Sailor Moon holds her crystal while Minako Aino, as Sailor Venus holds the future Silver Crystal in the final acts of the Black Moon arc meaning there are three separate crystals.

By the time Chibiusa becomes Eternal, she can harness this crystal much like her mother can harness the Silver Crystal.

The Pink Moon Crystal helps Chibiusa transform into her evolved Eternal Sailor form, which can help her perform extremely powerful moon-based attacks.


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