Pharaoh 90

Pharaoh 90 is an evil spirit, the power source of the Silence and Heart Snatchers, and the true antagonist of Sailor Moon S. His appearance is that of a giant dark energy ball. He is the "greater power" in the series. Like the Negaforce, he does not have a purely physical form, and like Wiseman, he is manipulating the main antagonist.

In the anime

Pharaoh 90 was the one who provided Professor Tomoe with Mistress 9's Daimon pod, and had the demon Germatoid possess Tomoe when he and his daughter Hotaru were caught in a lab explosion. Pharaoh 90's plan was for Professor Tomoe to collect Pure Hearts to awaken Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence, and for her to obtain the Purity Chalice so she could summon him. Once this plan succeeded, Pharaoh 90 began using the Silence to destroy everything.

After she destroys Mistress 9, Hotaru transforms into Sailor Saturn and tries to use her power to enter Pharaoh 90 and destroy him by attacking his core, but he fought her off. Sailor Moon was able to transform into Super Sailor Moon with the power of the other Sailor Scouts. With the power of her Pure Heart, she entered Pharaoh 90 and destroyed his core, killing him and saving the world.


Pharaoh 90 dies

Pharaoh 90 is destroyed

  • Pharaoh 90 is the second and final true antagonist to manipulate the main antagonist.
  • Pharaoh 90 has the shortest "final battle" with Sailor Moon, which mainly consists of her transforming, entering him, and destroying him.
  • He is the last of the "true/final antagonists" to be destroyed, as Queen Nehelenia is resealed inside her mirror and leaves Earth.
  • Pharaoh 90 had no dialogue during his appearance.
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